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How to Install Your Levolor Blinds

How to Install Your Levolor Blinds

When it comes to selecting window treatments, you will need to walk through different manufacturing brands. Each of them offers unique products that come with amazing features and functional capabilities. Among the many window covering brands, Levolor is one of the oldest and best brands around. Getting these blinds customized is easy while blind installation may be a little intimidating and tricky for many. This article will help you to mount your blinds efficiently and effortlessly!

Some Quick Installation Tips

  • After receiving the product, unpack it and make sure you have all the hardware included.
  • Before you get started, make sure you have all the necessary tools like a drill, hammer, screwdriver, and pencil.
  • Go through the installation guideline first to avoid errors.
  • If you are not sure about the process, professional installation is recommended.

Ways of Installing Levolor Window Blinds

  • First, keep the blind on a clean plain surface and you will find a sticker on the upper left corner where you have to insert the wand stem (will come with the product package).
  • Take a window bracket and place it against the top inside corners of your window opening. You have to hold the brackets at each end. Make sure the brackets are lined up properly and evenly spaced.
  • Once you have a bracket held in the position, hold a screw against the holes on the side of the brackets and create holes. Repeat the same process for the side of the window where the other bracket needs to be mounted.
  • Use a screwdriver or power drill to push the screws in and secure the brackets properly.
  • If the Levolor blind you choose is big enough, then consider using support brackets that should be located at the top center of the window. But only after placing the side brackets, mount these middle brackets. This will prevent your blinds from sagging.
  • First, attach the plastic valance clips (hold the valances and come with your product) onto the top of your headrail and make sure they are positioned correctly.
  • Now, it’s time to put up the blind. Keep the brackets open and slide the blind headrail into them and then fold the brackets. This will keep the blind secure.
  • Install the valance on the top of your blind, fix it with the help of the valance clips. This will enhance the look and feel of the window in a dramatic way. But this is completely optional, you can ignore mounting them if you don’t want or don’t have a valance.
  • And you are ready to operate them as per your convenience. Raise them up or lower down to ensure they are working fine without any complication.

Following the above instructions will definitely help in installing your Levolor window blinds without any hassle. Please note that there may be some variations in instructions depending on your type of blind, so check with your retailer or manufacturer if you need additional help.