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5 Tips To Make Installing Blinds an Easy Process

How to Install Window Blinds

Know How to Install Window Blinds – 5 Quick Tips

With countless styles of custom blinds available in the market, finding perfect blinds that match your dream decor and that enhances your lifestyles is only a pit-stop. But you’ve only finished once the blinds are successfully installed without any damage or any issues to the blinds. You don’t need to get intimidated by the thought of how to install window blinds. Even if you’re not sure, we’re here to help. Here are a few things to remember that we often forget and 5 Tips to Make Installing Blinds an Easy Process.


Faux Wood Blinds


Whether it’s about showcasing your style, managing your privacy, refurbishing your interiors or a mix of all these, selecting blinds isn’t an open-and-shut deal. With the revolution of our living spaces and changing lifestyles, today’s market offers different types of blinds that suit your needs. From custom blinds to vertical window blinds, faux window blinds, custom made blinds and much more! Installing different kinds of blinds requires precision, and a perfect installation is the icing on the cake.

Let’s Start the Project

Installing window blinds is important as the final outcome makes an ever-lasting difference to your decor. Installing window blinds, primarily, it’s a 3-step activity.

  • Measuring the dimensions – inside & outside
  • Attaching the brackets
  • Attaching the wand

Measurement is the Key!

As blinds have a powerful impact on the overall look and feel of any place, the designing process should be a seamless activity that would ultimately match up to your expectations. If you are giving a look to your living area by installing vertical window blinds or installing fabricated cheap wooden blinds to change the existing look, measuring the panel size holds the key. Knowing exactly how to measure without having any second thoughts is serious work. Although the majority of the sellers offer full measuring services, it’s not a bad idea to do a bit of homework yourself. Even if the calculations were off by half-an-inch, it can make a huge difference. Deciding whether you prefer an inside or outside mount, if you are calling a professional or doing a DIY, you better know the right way of measuring.


If you are fond of 1 faux wood blinds then you need to be aware of the different ways through which it can be installed in the best way possible! Inside mount, outside mount, and ceiling mount are the 3 popular ways that you can decide on, depending upon the desired look of the window type. These blinds are the best choice if you plan to add a bit of versatility to your decor. Even if you are planning something different – custom made blinds or vertical blinds, for instance, it’s always advisable to get the basics right.

Customized Blinds Needs Attention


Installing Custom Blinds


Often, we realize that our windows aren’t a standard size and hence we need to install custom blinds to enhance a visual aesthetic of the area. Although installing is just another process, however following the best practices and taking extra care to install custom blinds, especially because of the uneven shapes is a challenge. It’s always better to look out for experts who can do it in the best way possible. Also, since custom blinds are bit costly as compared to others, it ideal to get the installation done by professionals who ensure safety, and make your investment a talking point amongst your guests.


Technology has something to offer in every sector and industry. Over the years, window blinds have gone through multiple transitions and have embraced technology fully. If you are trying to order blinds online, remote operated or automatic blinds are a popular option. Without any strings attached, you can create magic with centralized remote control. The motors are powered either through batteries, plug-in, or solar power. These blinds are excellent for hard to reach windows or to use with your smart home setup.


It’s always a good idea to have a detailed look at the package when it arrives. Make sure you have the right product along with all the hardware components in the package. The package includes instructions on how to install window blinds, so if it’s a simple custom blind that you have ordered, it should be a simple DIY project. Having an idea about where to position the brackets is another advanced step. The positioning of the bracket entirely depends on the style preference and wall material. On the other side, even if its a complex process of installing a vertical window blind or automated blinds, preparing and inspecting the package is the foremost task.

The Stage is Set

After investing your time and effort, it’s finally time to have a seat on your couch, sit back and enjoy your renewed decor and home. Enjoy the benefits that modern blinds and shades bring to your home, and be proud of your work! Understanding the process of how to install window blinds will surely help you in your next DIY project.

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