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How to Install Valance Curtains

How To Install Valance Curtains

Beautifying the windows and doors in your house is an important aspect of furnishing the interiors of your house and of enhancing the overall aesthetics. Dressing up your windows and decorating the window frame is a great way of accentuating your windows. Window treatments have been the go-to choice of the homeowners when it comes to dressing up the windows and doors in their houses and for good reason.

Window treatments not only enhance the visual appeal of the home décor but also make the interiors more energy-efficient, comfortable, and homely besides enhancing the privacy of your indoor space. With so many different types and styles of window coverings available, you can go ahead and design the interiors exactly the way you prefer. No matter what look you seek to achieve, you will surely find window coverings that fit right into the theme of your home décor.
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Why Should You Consider Curtains for Dressing Up Your Windows?

When it comes to window covering options at your disposal, there are fewer window treatments that are as versatile as the curtains. Curtains come in all sorts of designs, patterns, colors, and fabric options to suit all kinds of windows and to fulfill all kinds of aesthetic preferences. From artistic sheer curtains to tasteful blackout curtains, you will never run out of options to furnish windows and doors in your house.

Curtains are very easy to install and need no elaborate mounting mechanisms. This saves you time and money in terms of the installation cost. Besides, the curtains are just as easy to change or replace. In most cases, you can wash them easily. Together, all these aspects make the curtains very user-friendly and an ideal choice for all kinds of households.

The curtains can easily be modified to resemble the shape and size of the windows in your house. Even if you have uniquely-shaped windows in your house, curtains can be customized to dress them up perfectly. You can also opt for curtain fabrics having different opacities and R-values, depending on your specific requirements and preferences for your house. If you want to diffuse the incoming light semi-sheer or light-filtering curtains will be an ideal choice. Similarly, if you want to darken the interiors, block out the external l

So, it is clearly evident that curtains, due to their and customizability, give you more flexibility and options to ensure that you get your choice of window coverings that fulfill all your requirements. These curtains are available at various price points to suit all types of budgets and that further enhances their reputation as a truly versatile window treatment option.
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How Valances are Helpful

When you install window coverings on your windows, a major concern is how to hide the ugly looking mounting mechanism. If you don’t hide the mounting mechanism, it may somewhat ruin the visual appeal of the window coverings. Valances really come in handy in such situations. You can use them to not only hide away the ugly mounting mechanism elegantly but can also further accentuate the look of your window coverings and the window frame itself. Valances immediately catch your attention and thus help bring the window frame into focus. You can then, arrange the other decorative elements in the room in a manner that complements the window frame and the window coverings. As a result, you get a décor that is not only uniform, tasteful, and elegant but also highly functional.

Valances are also highly customizable as you can opt for valances made from a variety of materials such as fabric, wood, synthetic material, etc. Similarly, you can opt for valances that are conventional in shape such as rectangular valances, or can go ahead with unique valance shapes if you want your home décor to stand out and look different. From bright color to neutral hues, from subtle patterns to bold prints, valances are also available in different patterns and color options. You can use this variety and versatility to further accentuate the window coverings. Valances, thus are an ideal foil and pairing option for your window treatments.
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How to Install Valance Curtains

Curtains and valances make an ideal pair for dressing up the window in houses as both of them are available in a variety of color, material, and design options. Hence, no matter what look you seek to achieve or what specific requirements you have for your house, curtains and valances together can surely fulfill such needs.

You can easily hang valances over your curtains to create that mesmerizing appeal for your window frame. But to do that you will need some basic tools such as measuring tape, pencil, a driller, separate mounting brackets and rods for your curtains and valances, and some screws to hold the bracket in place. You can hang your curtains and valances together by following some easy steps. Let us look at them in greater detail:

Disclaimer: Please follow these instructions at your own risk. ZebraBlinds takes no liability for any issues or damaged caused through following DIY methods. If you are uncomfortable on your own, look for the help of a professional.

• Step 1: Install the mounting brackets for your curtain rod and your valance rod. You need to ensure that the mounting brackets for the curtain rods are about half the length of the brackets for your valance rod. Use the measuring tape to ensure that the bracket for your curtain rod and the valance rod align properly. If you are installing wooden valances, you won’t need a mounting rod for them as you will have to directly screw in the brackets for the wooden valances into the wall above the curtains and position them so that the mounting hardware for your curtains get hidden behind the valances.

• Step 2: Install the curtains by mounting them on the curtain rod and place them over the mounting brackets meant for holding the curtain rod. Make sure that the mounting brackets are screwed in properly and can withstand the weight of the curtains.

• Step 3: Install the valances by mounting them on the valance rod and place them over the mounting brackets dedicated to the valance rod.

• Step 4: After the valances are installed, spread them out evenly towards both the sides so that they effectively cover and hide the mounting mechanism of your curtains. If you are not installing fabric valances and have opted for structured valances such as the wooden valances, make sure that the length and the width of the valances are such that the mounting mechanism of your valances is covered up properly. This is important to ensure an elegant and neat look for your window frame.

This is all you need to do. Just a few easy steps and you are done. Valances act as the perfect foil for your curtains and if used thoughtfully can really enhance the visual appeal of your curtains and the overall décor of the room the curtains are installed in.