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How To Install Sliding Screen Doors On A Track


What Are Sliding Screen Doors?

Installing sliding screen doors are a great way to decorate your house. These types of doors can be installed on the terrace, at the main entrance, on the patio, or at any point inside a home. Sliding screen doors are usually installed using spring-loaded rollers which prevents the door from being removed from the track. The rollers are fixed at the base edge of the door and will slide on the sliding door tracks. These doors are often rectangular and linked at the corners to offer a secure fit. For higher durability, the majority of the sliding screen doors are made of metal. Sliding screen doors are typically installed to secure the inner door from the elements which can cause damage to the door from wind, rain, debris, and snow. Its structure offers extra protection from unwarranted entry.

How Sliding Screen Doors Move

The peak and base of the door frame are lined with either wood, metal, or vinyl tracks. When these tracks are installed, they form a structure in which the door can slide along. The rollers can either be fixed at the top and bottom edges of the door or only at the bottom, depending on the design of the door. Patio doors are often heavy and are mostly fitted with rollers at the base. However, some doors can be hung from the top, particularly when they are lightweight and small.

Rollers can be adjusted to make the sliding operation more efficient. For additional efficiency, you can also install plastic tracks at the bottom of the door. This ensures that the door is in perfect vertical alignment even while moving. Sliding screen doors are made of either single or double panels. When two pieces are incorporated, one of them is commonly fixed while the second one slides to offer access to the interior/exterior of the house. Similarly, two entry options can be offered using two sliding panels. The door can either be opened from the right or from the left.

Installing Sliding Screen Doors/Patio Doors On A Track

Removing the Door

  • By standing outside the door, open the screen far enough to let you firmly hold both sides. Grasp and raise the door as much as you can and try angling the base towards you. If it does not come apart, you might have to lift the wheels.
  • Find the adjustment screw above every wheel at the door frame’s bottom. It should be turned counterclockwise using a screwdriver to raise the wheel. If you don’t find a screw, then the wheel is probably spring-loaded it should be raised manually.
  • Get a helper for lifting the door. Use a screwdriver with a flat-head beneath one of the wheels and raise it. The door has to be slightly angled until the wheels clear the track. Repeat the procedure with the other wheel as well, angle the base of the door out, and remove the door.

Checking The Rollers

The door should be placed on a pair of sawhorses to easily access the rollers present at the base. Gently pull out the rollers using a screwdriver. In case they appear to be damaged, they would need to be replaced. If they look dirty, scrape off any dirt, scrub them clean using denatured alcohol. You can also re-oil them with silicone spray to repel dirt and ensure for ease in operation.

Re-Install Clean Rollers

Each adjustment screw should be aligned with the access hole. Tap the screw in place with a hammer and a wood block to avoid wheel damage. When they are properly in place, draw the rollers as much as possible.

Cleaning The Tracks

The top track should be wiped clean using a spray with alcohol. Loosen the debris from the base track with a vacuum and then clean the tracks using alcohol. You can also consider lubricating the base track by rubbing it with a block of paraffin wax instead of silicon, as paraffin is much more substantial and can hold up to the wear and tear.

Replacing the Door

  • With the peak-end angled towards the frame, grasp the door, and the top should be placed into the groove at the frame’s top. Certain doors possess wheels loaded with spring that fits onto a track present at the top of the frame. If you are having one of such kinds, ensure to securely fit both the wheels onto the track.
  • Raise the door towards the peak of the frame while angling the base towards the frame. When the frame is cleared off the wheels, lower the door to ensure the base track fits inside the groove of both wheels. If the wheels don’t clear the base track, implement one of the following techniques:
  • Raise each of the wheels using a flat-head screwdriver while the door is pushed in. The wheel should be released when it is over the track. When both the wheels are on track, the door should be lowered.
  • Turn the adjustment screw in a counterclockwise direction to lift the wheel. Once the door is lowered, the wheels should also be lowered by turning each screw in a clockwise direction to protect the door in the frame. If the wheels aren’t lowered properly, then the door will fall out of the frame when you try to open/close it.
  • Ensure the door slides smoothly by testing the door. In case it doesn’t, you will have to slightly lift the wheels or adjust the door so that to ensure all the wheels are present on the tracks.

Bottom Line

While sliding screen doors make it simple to enjoy the sounds and view of nature, they also keep pests and bugs out of your house. If you are thinking of adding a screen door to an already existing sliding glass door on your patio, you will have to first measure the door frame and buy a door with the right dimensions. Installing it is then as easy as guiding the peak of the door into the upper rail and raising the base up and over the lower rail, ensuring the rollers are in alignment with the track on the inside of the frame.

Disclaimer: Please follow these instructions at your own risk. ZebraBlinds takes no liability for any issues or damaged caused through following DIY methods. Since all sliding doors are different, we always recommend checking with your manufacturer or retailer first before making any modifications to your sliding door. As well, if you are uncomfortable on your own, look for the help of a professional.

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