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How To Install Pre-made Cordless Blinds From Walmart or Other Stores

How To Install Pre-made Cordless Blinds From Walmart or Other Stores

An Ultimate Guide to Installing Pre-made Cordless Window Blinds

Creating your own dream heaven is everyone’s wish and window treatments play a vital role in that. They are one of the most significant features when it comes to making your decor elegant and gorgeous. The right one can emphasize and define the aesthetics of your space in a dramatic way while complementing the surrounding elements. But with a wide range of selections available at the market, it can be hard to find what suits your home and personal preferences. And it becomes challenging when it comes to deciding whether you should opt for pre-made blinds or custom made. Well, there are many people who prefer pre-made solutions as they are convenient. They offer an easy solution to windows and can quickly transform the appeal of space the way you want. These blinds come in varying sizes but mostly stick to a standard fit. And when it comes to mechanisms, they come in both pull cord and cordless options. In recent times, cordless blinds are mostly preferred as they lower the risk of strangulation by eliminating the dangling window cords and at the same time, they assure a smooth and hassle-free operation.

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There are multiple offline stores (like Walmart and many others) that offer pre-made window solutions such as aluminum mini blinds at an affordable price while ensuring quality and incredible functionality. But when it comes to installation, many people find it difficult as this type of product mostly comes in predetermined lengths and usually fits a range of widths, rather than the exact measurement of your windows. So if you are looking for a cordless blind for your uniquely shaped windows, then these blinds may not be a great choice. But if you have standard windows in your home and the dimension perfectly matches with your choice of product, then the installation is not a difficult task. Read on to know the step by step ways of mounting them!

As pre-made cordless blinds are already manufactured to the standard window size, you don’t have to worry about the measuring part. Once you receive your product, unpack them, and follow the below instructions for an effective installation.

Before you get started, make sure you have all the basic tools such as: a ladder (if the window is high up), a pencil, drill, screwdriver, and pliers. And also make sure that you have all the hardware included with your product and the product is in good condition. There are two ways of mounting your window shades – inside and outside. Inside mounting offers a clear and clutter-free aesthetics while outside mounting provides complete window coverage. If the height and width of the blind are bigger than the window size, then you should do an outside mount.

Step 1: Usually pre-made cordless blinds come with two mounting brackets, but depending on the product type and weight, the number may increase for additional support. A mounting bracket should be installed at each end of the headrail. And they should be evenly positioned so that no collision can occur with the lift mechanism. For outside mounting, clip the brackets onto the headrail, then hold the blind at the desired height over the window opening, and mark the locations (where the brackets need to be mounted) using a pencil. For inside mounting, clip the brackets onto the headrail and hold the blinds inside of the window frame, and mark the bracket locations.

Step 2: Take a drill and create holes on the marked locations as per your inside/outside mounting. Secure the brackets using screws.

Step 3: In the final step, secure the headrail into the position and snap it onto the brackets. Make sure the blind is hanging straight. Attach the handle to the bottom rail that will help your blinds lift up and down.

Now check whether your pre-made cordless blind is working smoothly and efficiently. To lower the blinds, pull down on the bottom rail, and to raise your blinds up, just raise the bottom rail. Following the above basic steps will help you install your blind quickly, but depending on the product type, the process may change. So check with the retailer first and then get started!

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