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How To Install Patio Shades

How To Install Patio Shades

The idea of sitting in the morning sun can be rather exciting. We are talking about balmy and pleasant weather when exposure to the shiniest spot in the sky can be pretty relaxing. Imagine having your sunglasses on when you sit on your porch, sipping on a drink and having your legs comfortably spread over your outdoor wicker sofa or while you relax on your garden chair. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way. Pleasant mornings don’t last, and the pleasant sun is often instead scorching and uncomfortable. As much as being exposed to the sun is important for a daily dosage of Vitamin D, it can also cause skin irritations, pigmentation and other serious skin ailments, including cancer. This is where the role of patio/outdoor shades comes in. Not only do they allow you to sit comfortably in your verandah and enjoy the weather but also protect the indoors from heating up, thus minimizing the need for costly air conditioners. They can be set up in a number of different ways: from being used as awnings to provide shade directly above your front entrance door, to being used as shade sails for your outdoor seating.

Instructions on Getting the Procedure Just Right

If you are just starting off with no prior experience in shade installation, I would recommend having an expert sent to your home. A trial-and-error, do-it-yourself method is risky, but if you still want to give it a try, just keep the following instructions in mind. Also remember, the brackets and other hardware that you get might be of a different make. So it’s important to apply your own common sense without “literally” following the steps that follow ahead.

1. The things that you need:

a) A tape measure for deciding the height and width of the shade (for customizing your choice)
b) A pencil for marking each point
c) Drills for marking holes
d) A screwdriver for holding the brackets in place
e) Most importantly, a ladder or stool to ensure balance

2. Mount the brackets provided with the setup with the help of a screwdriver. In almost all cases, the brackets are universal, and unless specified as “left” or “right”, each of them can be placed in locations where you want them. It is important to use your pencil to mark the location of each screwdriver so that you don’t face inconvenience in finding the exact point later.

3. Put the bracket covers on. Here it is important to understand the shape of the brackets and correspond them to the covers so that they can be fit properly. Don’t try to force them on to the brackets. Be patient, and seek help if required.

4. Install the chain tension device, in case you have shades that are operable through a cord or string.

5. If you have motorized shades, understand the workings of the remote. If the shades are operable through a smartphone, get to know how the device works for adjusting and scheduling purposes.

6. Keep the contact number of the manufacturer handy just in case. It is preferable to not purchase shades that do not come with a warranty.
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Getting the Right Types of Outdoor Shades

An outdoor shade is essential in the sense that it prevents the sun’s rays from falling on the building structure. It acts as a solid barrier, and when it is in place, the home becomes cooler even in the hottest weather. Let us examine the different types of popular outdoor shades that you can opt for, based on your requirements.

1. Solar or Roller Shades for Your Typical Sunny Day: Universal for any kind of house, solar shades can be mounted both inside and outside the brackets. They can be installed both indoors and outdoors, and have the same level of efficient operation. All they require are rollers that wrap up the material when they are drawn all the way up. When the shades are pulled down, they offer a minimal yet appealing look while preventing the home from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Crown Exterior Solar Shades are one of the go-to options for UV protection and keeping the harmful rays of the sun at bay. These are available in a variety of color options like Charcoal, Ivory, White, Silver, Chocolate, and Ebony Pearl. Offering utmost privacy, they are appealing for anyone who’s confused about finding the right shades for their patios. Meanwhile, cleaning them up requires no hassle and they come with a manufacturer’s warranty.
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2. Awnings to Accentuate the Appearance: As a regular at my best friend’s home just fifteen minutes away, I was surprised when he put up an awning over his backyard. Now we have discussions over drinks and food outside his house while leaving the indoor space free for his kids to study. It’s pleasant and sunny and extremely comfortable with the cushion sofas. Awnings are some of the best and most versatile exterior shade options that you can use for your porches. Available as both fixed and retractable, they can be installed outside windows and help add shade to any outdoor spaces during harsh weather conditions.
3. Shade Sails: Available in all kinds of brands, colors, and fabrics, shade sails can be used to cover any outdoor area you intend. This is because they do not require the need of a fixed structure to support them. Choose any area like the back verandah, or an open garden, and have them fixed as long as you have some large poles to suspend them with. They provide you the necessary shade when you are throwing a pool or garden party and guests over during the day time. They are available in UV resistant fabrics to prevent you against the sun’s exposure and are especially long-lasting even when they are exposed to the sun for longer durations.

Benefits of Installing Outdoor Shades

Through this piece, we have reiterated the advantages on offer with patio shades. When you’ve got them functioning, these are some of the features on display.

1. Cooling down the temperatures inside the building, thus leading to lower monthly bills.
2. Protection against glare, and ultraviolet and infrared radiation.
3. Providing privacy as well as space for hanging out during summers.
4. Providing a fabulous appearance to the exteriors.

When you install the outdoor sun shades, you will garner compliments from people for your refined taste in home decor. Exterior shades, thus, not only do the primary job of sun protection but also create space for adding furniture and other items outside. Just like indoor window treatments, they come in a variety of room darkening and sheer fabrics to compliment your style and tastes.