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How to Install Outside Mount Blinds?

Install Outside Mount Blinds

Easy Steps to Mount Blinds Outside of the Window Frame

Window blinds are the best ways to obstruct excessive daylight, glare, and other harmful rays while adding the ultimate level of privacy and decorating value to the interior. Customizing window blinds from the wide variety of colors and design selections can provide your interior with an astounding appearance. Choosing the right design that will match the existing décor may seem more manageable for you, but when it comes to installation, you don’t always have to reply to a professional. Rather than spending big bucks, do it yourself. This may be a time-consuming process, but once you are successfully done, you will find the ultimate pleasure and peace of mind. Installing a window blind isn’t as difficult as it might sound. A simple guideline will help you get the job done efficiently and smoothly.

Before you get into the installation, first decide whether you want to go for inside mount or outside. As the name suggests, inside mounting refers to the inside of the window frame, which provides the window with a clean and clutter-free appearance and can be mounted deep as per your choice. Outside mounting refers to the outside of the window frame and this installation works with every window type. They are a great choice when it comes to a French door and sliding glass door as they have a very shallow window frame. Outside mounting also reduces the light leakage from the side of the window frames.
Outside Mount Window Blinds
Both inside and outside mounts work well for different situations, but if you want to have complete coverage for your windows, then outside mounting is a perfect choice.

Step by Step Guide for Outside Mounting

Before you get the product and start with the installation procedure, the first thing you should do is to measure your window frames. Take two measurements of the area you want to cover – height (up and down), width (across the window). For this process, you need a pencil, notebook, and a measuring tape. Make sure the measurements are correct because a small mistake can change the look of the shades. That said, for an outside mount, since we are overlapping the window, there is more leeway to play with. While noting the sizes, note down the width first and then height for accuracy.

Note – When measuring for outside mounting, don’t forget to provide the manufacturer’s recommended extra height and width for the mounting hardware. Once you measure the area you want to cover, you need to add extra height for the mounting surface/headrail, and extra width for overlap and to counteract any light gaps.

• Once you get the product, now it’s time to install them. Follow the below steps for a hassle-free and smooth installation –
• Take a pencil and mark the place where you want to install the blinds. And mark each side of the headrail casing.
• Mark the place where you want to attach the brackets. For outside mounting, brackets should be placed on the outside of the window frame.
• Each bracket comes with two screws. Now, drill the screw positions and fix the brackets.
• Now, place the headrail into the brackets and attach the valances along the headrail. Valances are used to hide the headrail, and valance clips are used for this.
• Secure the window blinds in position, and you are ready to open and close them as per your needs.
Always try to get your product from top-renowned brands such as Graber, Norman, or Crown for quality and durability.

Install Like a Pro!

Installing window blinds may sound complicated and challenging. But in reality, it’s easy and simple. For most products the blinds come pre-assembled in one piece, so all you need to do is drill in mounting brackets and then clip the blind on. If you are budget conscious, then do it yourself and save the money. You can follow the video tutorials or manual instructions that come with the product. Give it a try!