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How to Install Electric Blinds?

How To Install Electric Blinds

What are Electric Blinds?

Electric blinds or motorized window shades have been a revelation in the world of window treatments. The corded and cordless blinds got upgraded and motorized. Cheap motorized shades no longer depend upon manual intervention for their operation. They come with remote controls that allow you to operate them with a single press of button from any part of the house. This works brilliantly if you have multiple window shades in the house. You could program the shades to be raised and lowered collectively or individually as per your preference.

Solutions like motorized cellular shades can be integrated into the home automation system. Download the app on your Smart Phones and tablets and operate them from anywhere you have wifi. You can even get the home assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa to open and close the blinds using voice commands. You could invest in motorized shades or even retro-fit your old existing shades which help to cut down enormously on the cost.
Motorized Cellular Blinds

Be Alert When Purchasing Shades & Motors

With motorized window treatments, such as the elegant motorized wood blinds, making waves all across the world it is only natural that you would not want to be deprived of their benefits and fascinating experience. You can seek professional experts to help getting the motorized blinds installed or attempt doing it by yourself. Pay close attention to both the motors and the shades while purchasing them. You wouldn’t want the shade and motors to be incompatible or the motor not equipped to power your large blinds. Also there are brands that make motors exclusively for their own blinds and may not be suitable for shades belonging to the other brands. Once you have the proper window shades and correct sized motor delivered it is time to get them operational.

If you are mounting the shade inside the window frame, remember that there will be two mounting brackets to screw in on either side of the blind. It will be similar to mounting a traditional blind. If you have wider and larger windows and heavier motors you will need to install additional supports to hang the equipment. Measurement is the key to proper installation. Double-check all measurements before you start driving a hole.
Motorized Blackout Shades

Disclaimer: Please follow these instructions at your own risk. ZebraBlinds takes no liability for any issues or damages caused by following DIY methods. Since all blinds and shades are different, we always recommend checking with your blind manufacturer or retailer first before making any modifications to your blinds. As well, if you are uncomfortable on your own, look for the help of a professional.

How to Install Electric Blinds

Step 1
A simple plug-and-play motor can be installed easily.
1. First, connect the motor to the electronic end cap.
2. Slide the head rail cover open and then snap the motor into the spring box.
3. Secure the end cap in place and then slide the cover back to close it.

Step 2
• Select the mounting location for the power source and ensure that the power source location can connect all wires from the power source to the shade’s motor.
• Place the chosen battery type into the tube, replace the cap and then snap the tube into the clips which you need to fit at the mounting location for the power source.
• If you are using rechargeable tube then insert it into the clips. If you are using a solar panel to recharge the tube then that needs to be mounted on the window as well.
• After the power sources has been mounted mark the location for the shades’ mounting brackets. Make mock holes to ensure that you are accurately placing the brackets.

Step 3
It is now time to install the brackets.
1. Measure four inches from either end of the head rail and then using a pencil mark the bracket location on the mounting surface.
2. Before you start drilling make sure that the other additional brackets are aligned first two and that they are well spaced out.
3. Position the shades in such a way that the front par faces you.
4. After all the brackets have been installed, insert the headrail at an angle by hooking the front of it to the bracket.
5. Keep pushing the headrail upwards till it snaps locks into place. Ensure that the shades’ roll is facing the right direction.

Step 4
Connect the cords for a power source in the shade’s motor. Without the cords to connect the motors will not get the required power to operate the shades. Hide the cables behind the blinds.
You have successfully installed the blinds. Once the motor module has been paired and calibrated, you will be able to operate the shades in any one of the three ways:
a. You can operate the shades from the free SmartPhone app which will need to be programmed with a timer to control the position of your shades.
b. You can operate the shades with a wireless remote control which are usually provided with the shades and motor or you may have to purchase them separately. The remote control will give you the freedom to operate your blinds from any part of the house.
c. You can also manually by using the button on the electronic end cap.
With the blinds successfully installed, power source mounted and the app pr remote programmed and scheduled, your electric blinds are ready for your use. Sit back and enjoy the shades take care of themselves.