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How To Install Cordless Mini Blinds

How To Install Cordless Mini Blinds

A Brief Guide of Installing Cordless Mini Blinds

Cordless mini blinds are one of the most economical ways of adding privacy and natural warmth to your interior. The different slat sizes are adjustable and you can position them according to the requirements of light and protection. The cordless feature ensures the safety of your pets and little ones from the hazards of strangulating window cords. Their versatility and endless choices in colors, patterns, and design options make them the number one popular and reliable choice among many homeowners. These cordless and sober window coverings help you to achieve the desired appeal while maintaining functional smoothness. The cordless mechanism truly makes lowering blinds easier than ever. Pull down the bottom rail to lower the blinds and raise the bottom rail to keep them in the raised position. Installing these blinds is as easy as operating them. But if you are new to this installation procedure and don’t know where to start from then this article is for you. Read on to learn how to mount cordless mini blinds without any hassle!

1-inch Aluminum Mini Blinds

Step by Step Ways

Mounting mini blinds are incredibly easy and simple that won’t take you much time as well. Check out the below steps that will guide you throughout the process. Before you get started, make sure you have all the needed tools in the blind package mounting brackets and screws, and you will require some basic tools like – scissor, screwdriver, measuring tape, drill, ladder, and pencil. Once you get the right-sized mini blind, follow the below steps to get the installation done.

Disclaimer – Cordless mini blinds come with installation guidelines, so always go through that first for better knowledge. And it is always advisable to seek help from professionals for an error-free installation because ZebraBlinds is not liable for any damage or loss happening during the procedure.

Step 1: There are two ways of mounting these cordless mini blinds – inside or outside of the window frame. Once you decide how to mount, it’s time to mark the location of the mounting brackets. They should be about 2 inches from each end of the headrail. If you have more brackets, then space them evenly between the two brackets.

For Outside Mounting,

Hold the blind at the desired level and center it over the window framing. Now, mark the location of the brackets with a pencil. Position the brackets at the marked location and screw each bracket into the wall using screws.

For Inside Mounting,

Clip the mounting brackets onto the headrail. Hold the blind in the position and mark it. Now, drill the locations and fix the brackets using screws.

Step 2: Lift the headrail into the position. Push the rail upwards until the brackets snap onto the back of the headrail. Make sure the headrail is secured properly.

Step 3: Now attach the handle to the bottom rail. And voila, you are ready to use them.

Make sure you always rotate the slats before you raise or lower the blinds. This will prevent the wear and tear of the product while enhancing lifespan.

How to Operate?

To lower the blinds, hold the bottom rail/handle and pull it downwards. To raise these cordless blinds, slowly lift the bottom rail until you reach the desired location. Remember, while raising and lowering, don’t put too much pressure or effort on the handle, be gentle, or else it will damage the mechanism. And to tilt the slats, lower and raise the bottom rail slowly and smoothly if the blind is optioned with one-touch tilt.

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