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How To Install Blinds Outdoors

How to Install Blinds Outdoors

Undoubtedly, outdoor blinds impart a serene ambiance to your house. They offer you a host of features that add a unique aesthetic appeal to your living space. But choosing the one amongst all such window treatments is quite challenging. There are various types of outdoor blinds that turn your outdoor empty space into a beautiful sitting area in an innovative manner. Before deciding the type of outdoor window blinds you want for your backdrop, it is important to make sure whether you are opting for the inside mount or outside mount. When outdoor blinds are fitted with outside mount towards the wall there are no restrictions about size and depth. Apart from this, they have a number of benefits such as:

  • Blemishes or flaws on your window can be concealed with the easy installation of outside mount blinds.
  • The outside mount provides a fascinating view of your windows.
  • Outside mount blinds are the best way to eliminate gaps between the windows.
  • They create an optical illusion that makes your house look bigger than it actually is.

Living in peculiar weather conditions makes you think of wonder how to install outdoor blinds which can ensure that you enjoy the best of both worlds – natural surroundings and the snugness and comfort associated with a private space.

You can go on to enjoy the feel of special touches of your outdoor blinds that create a perfect barrier between your living space and the natural elements.

Outdoor Blinds

How to Install Outdoor Blinds?

Outdoor blinds are easy to install and offer added privacy and comfort to your veranda or patio. Follow the steps below to learn how to install outdoor blinds:

Installation Site

Firstly, you need to choose the exact location where you can hang your outdoor blinds. The most prominent areas are as follows:

  • From ceilings to the edge of the veranda, patio or porch, outdoor blinds are perfect to modify your extra space.
  • If you want extra shielding indoor then install your outdoor blinds in the south and west-facing your windows.
  • On your screened veranda, install outdoor blinds on either the interior or exterior to get full protection against wind and sunlight.

Material Considerations

After choosing the installation site, the next step is to select the best material according to your requirements. Whatever material you prefer, please make sure that it is long-lasting and gives a rich and elegant look to your house.

Measurement of Outdoor Window Blinds

The correct measurement makes your blinds fit beautifully. It is necessary to take the measurement accurately before you purchase any type of outdoor blinds. Sometimes, size may vary and if not measured correctly, it does not give the right finish to your window. So, it is recommended to get the blinds customized according to the size you need for your window with the help of professionals.

So, while taking the measurement make sure whether you need it for the outside mount or inside mount to impart the best aesthetic appeal to your living space.

Installing Outdoor Shades

Tips for  Blind Mounting

  • It is imperative to install your blinds safely with the help of the right hardware.
  • The hardware needed for blind mounting should be included with the shipment of your blinds.
  • Outdoor blinds usually come with an aluminum mounting rail for easy installation.
  • Measure the width of the rail minutely.

Installing the Outdoor Blinds

Now finally it’s time to fix your attention on how to install outdoor blinds with ease.

  • Mark the space with the pencil on either side of the headrail casing where you want to install the blinds.
  • Make sure that you have marked the points where the brackets are to be placed.
  • Every bracket consists of two screws; so, a mark should be made where the screw is drilled.
  • Screws should be drilled properly to get the brackets rightly fixed.
  • Then put the headrail into the brackets.
  • Later, attach the cord clips at 6’’ to 12’’ apart for safe use
  • Keep it in mind that the wrapping of cords, when not in use, does not harm your kids and pets.

Yes, you are now done with the installation of the outdoor blinds. Isn’t it quite simple and easy?


Apart from all the points that we have discussed above, it is clear that making the accurate marking and taking the correct measurement depends upon the kind of outdoor blinds that you choose for your house. And to impart a clean and finished look to them, it is necessary to double-check the packing and make sure that you have received the correct number of screws and hardware before you install the outdoor blinds. In this way, you will be able to install blinds outdoor in an effortless way.

We hope that by now you know that outdoor blinds installation is a lifelong solution to make your patio or veranda a pleasant sitting area while ensuring your comfort, convenience, and privacy in your living area.

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