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3 Tips on Installing Outside Mount Venetian Blinds

How to Install Blinds on Outside Mount

Blinds provide the right amount of privacy while darkening the room and adding decorative value. However, there are many things to consider while choosing the right window blinds. Like room darkening or light filtering fabrics, the mount position, and whether it fits your budget – you don’t want to go out broke while building on the aesthetics of your home.

Installing outside mounted blinds give you the flexibility of choosing almost any window covering since it is very easy and simple to install them. If you are budget conscious yet looking for something that is durable, then our Aluminum Venetian blinds are the perfect solution. They are not only long lasting but light on your wallet as well.

You don’t need an expert to learn how to install blinds on an outside mount. Here are 3 easy steps on how to do it yourself-

3 Easy Steps How to Install Blinds on Outside Mount


With our Premium brands, Graber and Crown, we provide high-grade Aluminum Venetian Blinds. Choose from our wide range of modern designs and trending colors. They are as easy to install as draperies and can be changed as often as required.

While it sounds like a difficult task, it isn’t one. Blinds always help you to decorate your window beautifully. They are the face of any home from the inside or on the outside. Want to do it yourself? Allow us to help you with some tips on how to install blinds on outside mount. You just need to have the right measurements, equipment, and of course, the right blinds to do it. So go for it with these steps below.


How to Measure the Blind’s Size

Take the measurements carefully if you want a clean look from the outside. The error is almost impossible in this case. Measure the outside edges of the casing of your window, from the top to the bottom (or the left to the right) of the casing. Then you want to add to your height measurement to account for the height of the headrail, as well as any desired overlap. We generally recommend adding at least the headrail height plus an inch or two for leeway and overlap. For the width, depending on the product, the fabric or material generally comes slightly shorter than the headrail itself (this is more pronounced on roller-type shades). So you want to add to your width to account for the light gap, and also for any desired overlap.

Once you have the measurements choose your Venetian blinds that go along with the character of your home. It is important to choose the right style and color to go with the architecture of your home.

Measuring Blinds Size


Installing Venetian Blinds on an Outside Window Frame

Here are some easy steps to install your blinds:

• Mark the blind where you want it fixed and then mark the corners of each end of the headrail.

• Hold each of the brackets onto the marks you just made, and mark the screw level.

• Drill the screws into the hole and affix the brackets.

• Next, attach the balance bits in the centre.

• Now slide the headrail onto the brackets and close the bracket doors until you hear them snap into place.

• Centre and install the valance (if you choose one) on the headrail.

• Attach the cord clips 6” to 12” apart so that it’s easy and safe for children to use.

• Wrap the cords around the clips when not in use to provide a safe environment

Now wasn’t that easy? The answer lies in the brands you choose, your measurements, and how you install your blinds.

Installing Venetian Blinds On Outside Mount

Installing Venetian Blinds On Outside Mount

Venetian blinds make for easy handling and low maintenance, hence they are the perfect option for outside mounts. Since they are made of Aluminum slats they are also fire and dust resistant. These horizontal slats come with practical solutions and make a great extra addition. Customizing them to suit your home is an apt idea.

While you have followed the steps on how to install Venetian blinds on an outside mount, it is imperative for you to choose the right brands to get all of the benefits we have spoken about. Graber and Crown from ZebraBlinds are the best blinds to keep the heat out and modernize your home in a budget-friendly manner.

So why wait for the summer to heat up your home. Go ahead and try our best solution for installing Venetian Blinds outside mount to ensure the heat stays out.

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