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How to Install Blinds on Outside Mount

How to Install Blinds on Outside Mount

Types of Blinds & Shades

Every room has a character and personality of its own. From room décor to wall paint and window treatments, so many elements come together to contribute to that unique character. While selecting window treatments for your homes, choose wisely. Apart from the aesthetic value, window blinds and shades offer you a host of features and you need to choose the ones that suit you the best. There are room darkening, blackout, light-filtering and more types of the shades and blinds to choose from. Before you decide on the type of blinds you want for your windows it is important to determine its mount. Do you want your blinds to be inside or outside mount?

Inside or Outside Mount

Inside mount blinds are those which are mounted inside the window casing. They look neat and clean and look charming. This is a favorite among the people as they are visually pleasing. Outside mount blinds are those which are fitted on to the wall outside the window frame. As these are mounted outside there are no restrictions regarding depth or size when choosing the type of blinds for your windows. All are easy to install.
Inside Mount Blinds

Benefits of Outside Mount Blinds

Outside mount blinds have a number of benefits.

• This mount is preferred if the window casing lacks depth for an inside mount.
• If your window or window frames have any blemishes or are unappealing, outside mount blinds help to conceal these beautifully. It is an attractive way of making your windows appealing without having the change them.
• Outside mount blinds are great for eliminating light gaps. For inside mounts, no matter how well fit they are, the blinds leave a slight gap through which light enters the room. Outside mounts are great in reducing these gaps as they cover the entire window.
• Outside mounts also create an optical illusion that makes your windows appear larger than they actually are. So if you have small windows which do nothing for the aesthetics of your room, opt for outside mounts and transform the appeal of the windows.
Outside Mount Blinds

Where Outside Mount Blinds can be Installed

Outside mount blinds can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. You can either mount them on the wall above the window or above the existing trim. Remember to take any possible obstructions into consideration like window cranks, AC units or trim depth.

You can also mount the blinds on a window trim that is flat. All you need to do is get the size of the trim dimensions.

How to Install Outside Mount Blinds

Installing outside mount blinds is not as tough as it may seem. They can easily be installed without professional help. Here are some quick guidelines.

Taking Measurements Correctly
The first step in mounting your outside mount blinds is taking the right measurements.
1. Measure the width and height of your window opening. The width is the horizontal measurement across the window and the height is the vertical measurement from top to bottom of the space that you want to cover
2. When you are measuring for outside mount blinds, make sure to add extra to your width to counteract any light gap (the size of the gap between the fabric and the headrail on each side). You’ll then want to add any extra for your desired width overlap. Overlapping means how much into the wall the blinds will extend from the window. This will depend upon your need for privacy and light control. If you want minimal light seepage and more privacy, then have the blinds to cover the entire window and then overlap it.
3. When you are measuring for the height of the blinds, remember to include the height of your blind hardware. If not, then the blinds will fall short when installed. Similarly to the width, add extra height for overlap as needed, if you want the fabric to overhang the window at the bottom.
Once all measurements have been recorded correctly it is time to choose the type of blinds for your outside mount.

Installing the Blinds
After you get the product, it is time to get it installed.

1. With a pencil, mark the points where you want to install the blinds. Make a marking on either side of the headrail casing.
2. Next mark the points where the brackets will be attached. As it is an outside mount blind, the brackets will have to be placed outside the window frame.
3. Hold the brackets against the marks you made and mark where screws will have to be drilled. Every bracket comes with two screws.
4. Drill the screws into position and gets the brackets fixed.
5. Insert the headrail into the brackets and if you are using a valance then mount that along with the head rail. Centre and install the valances. The latter are preferred as they help to hide the unappealing head rail.
6. Attach the cord clips at 6” to 12” apart so that it is safe for the kids to use.
7. The cords can be wrapped around the clips when not in use so that they do not pose any safety hazards to kids and pets.
And you are done. Yes, installing outside mount blinds is as simple as this. The crucial bit is taking the correct measurements and making accurate markings on the wall so that the brackets are installed correctly. Once these two steps are done properly, fitting the blinds is easy as pie.