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You Can Do It! Overcoming Common Difficulties When Installing Your Blinds

How To Install Blinds

You Can Do It! Learn How to Install Blinds – Overcoming Common Difficulties


We are responsible for most of the activities that we do every day. Being dependent on someone else to do the most basic stuff for you makes your life often cluttered and more complicated than it already is. To relieve some of that burden, you should learn to be responsible and do stuff on your own. Relying on someone else is not always a good idea.

This is especially true when you are taking care of the house. Instead of waiting for that eternal visit by a professional interior decorator, many people, especially homemakers, decide to run their own show and adopt the DIY method. This also results in a good solution where saving money on professional help isn’t the only benefit. It makes you self-reliant and gives you something new to explore, learn and keep yourself busy. It also makes your life easier, and the completion of work by yourself gives you immense creative satisfaction.

Similarly, installing blinds on windows is also an exercise you can do by yourself. However, any task comes with its own set of challenges. In this section, we look at the most common difficulties faced by people in installing blinds on their own.

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How to Install Blinds?


How to Install Blinds


‘How do I install blinds?’ is a common question that people pose on the internet. We have designed a step-by-step procedure to make it as simple for you as possible. Granted it might not erase all your doubts at once, but this guide is meant for beginners who want clear instructions.


1) Measuring and Determining the Mount


The first step to carry out before buying the right blind for your windows is knowing your window dimensions. Use an inch tape to measure the length and breadth of the window. You also need to decide here whether you want the shades installed inside or outside the casing. Mounting your blinds on the outside makes your windows look larger while installing them inside makes them look sleek and slim. Measuring for an outside mount requires taking the outside edges of the casing into consideration. For an inside mount, you can just measure the width of the window at the bottom, middle and top.


2) Purchase Your Blinds Accordingly


There are several kinds of blinds to choose from in the market, from aluminum blinds, faux wood blinds, wood blinds or vinyl blinds. Choose the ones that you prefer based on their looks, features, and affordability.


3) Make Your Mounting Marks


Once you get the package, ensure that all the necessary hardware parts are there. Follow every instruction closely and carefully, and make some marks on the mounts using a pencil so you know where the brackets need to be placed. For an outside mount, determine where you need the headrail of the blinds to be fixed and place your blind there. On each side of the casing, you can make a pencil mark. Go through the same process if you want an inside mount by placing the headrail inside the casing.


4) Attaching the Brackets


This procedure might be a little complicated in the sense you might have to hold the brackets and be absolutely precise in your measurements. The brackets need to be placed inside the marks you made with your pencil. You need to ensure that the brackets face the inside of the room in a manner that ensures they are drilled into their open holes with minimum effort. Before drilling, however, use your pencil to create marks on the wall.

Different types of materials call for different screws to be used. For instance, drilling into bricks or stone would require a different set of instructions than ones made of tiles or drywall.


5) Installing the Valance and Head Rail


The last step after ensuring the brackets have been put in place and installed correctly involves setting up a valance to hide the hardware parts in an effort to not make the blinds look uncluttered or clumsy. Setting up a valance requires following a definite set of instructions by the manufacturer. Go through them closely and carefully. They are fastened to the headrail to make them look more attractive and stylish. Valances come in a variety of different styles. In many cases, they are of the same colors as the blinds to blend in easily and maintaining a clean look.

Installing your blinds can be a cumbersome process when you are just starting out. However, once you do it, it becomes second nature and will go much smoother and faster. It will come to you as naturally as doing any of your routine, everyday tasks.

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