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How To Install A Sliding Screen Door On Tracks

How To Install A Sliding Screen Door On Tracks

A Patio & Patio Door

A patio or a porch is your gateway to the outside world. It is an open space which can be put to varied uses. You can use it for an outdoor seating arrangement for your family where you can spend some time outside when weather is good. You can grow your own garden here by placing pots of plants and create your own green heaven. You can do a barbeque here during the summer months and chill with your family and friends over a glass of beer. It is also a space where you can put your feet up and while away your time with a good book. If your home overlooks a gorgeous natural view like a beach or mountain range, this patio can become the focal point of your house. Patios are separated from the interior of the house by a sliding or French patio doors. These are glass doors that sprawl across an entire wall, allowing an unobstructed view of the outdoors. They help to bring the view indoors and you can use the door and window treatments to frame the view.

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What is a Sliding Screen Door?

Sliding glass doors are a popular choice of patio doors for homeowners. They save space and they are easy to operate. Many sliding doors come with a sliding screen door as an add-on. You can also add a screen door to the sliding door track. So what is a screen door? A screen door has a screen mesh that is used to keep insects, mosquitoes, birds, dry leaves and other debris from entering the house. While you need lots of sunlight and adequate ventilation, keeping the sliding doors wide open through the day could cause unwanted things to enter the house. It will make the home dirty and also allow access to insects. These mesh doors are a great solution to all your problems. They allow light and air to pass why offering a barrier to insects and dusts. They are also a great way to prevent kids and pets from leaving the house unaccompanied.

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Replacing or Installing Sliding Screen Doors on Tracks

These screen doors sit on the track and can slide along with the glass doors to open and close them. You can keep the glass doors open whole day while the screen mesh remains closed for your convenience. When you are replacing these screen doors you need to place the new one back on the tracks. Sometimes you may want to remove them for maintenance purposes and then you have to get them back again or you may be installing new sliding screen doors for the first time. Sliding screen doors come in different designs but one that is most popular is those with rollers at the bottom of the door that will fit on the track on the bottom of the frame. When opening or closing the screen doors these wheels ride on the track.


Before you go ahead and install the screen door it is better to clean the tracks. Use your vacuum to remove debris from the tracks and wipe them clean. Now it is time to get the door on the track.

Disclaimer: Please follow these instructions at your own risk. ZebraBlinds takes no liability for any issues or damaged caused through following DIY methods. Since all blinds and shades are different, we always recommend checking with your blind manufacturer or retailer first before making any modifications to your blinds. As well, if you are uncomfortable on your own, look for the help of a professional.

  1. Take the door and with the top angled towards the frame of the door, first insert the top of the door into the grove that is there on the top of the frame. You will find that some doors are designed with spring-loaded wheels that will go into the track on the top of the frame. If your door has these wheels then make sure that the weeks fit into the top track securely.
  2. Once the top part has been taken care of, push the door upwards and angle the bottom part of the door towards the frame. Once you are sure that the wheels have managed to clear the frame, lower the door carefully. The bottom track must fit inside the groove of both the wheels. If in case the wheels fail to clear the bottom track then you need to do any of the following:
  3. Take a flat-head screwdriver to lift the wheels, pushing the door in while doing this. Once it is over the track, release the wheels. Once both the wheels are on the track, lower the door.
  4. Or you can turn the adjustment screw anti-clockwise to raise the wheel. After you have successfully lowered the door on the tracks, lower the wheels by turning the screws clockwise. This will help to secure the door inside the frame. If you forget to lower the wheels then the door will fall off when you try to open or close it.
  5. You are now done. Move the door a couple of times to test it. Make sure that they are opening and closing smoothly without any hindrance. If you face any obstructions raise the wheels a little or adjust the door to get the wheels back on track.

Your screen door is now successfully installed.

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