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How to Improve Curb Appeal of Your Homes?

How to Improve Curb Appeal of Your Home

What is Curb Appeal?

You are visiting a friend’s house. As you approach the house which is a beautiful blue color adorned by lovely landscaping you happen to glance at the pretty glass windows. And at that instant you know it is all horribly wrong. One set of windows have bright red curtains that stand out awkwardly. Another set of windows have white curtains tied the wrong way while another pair of windows are dressed in wooden shades. The first impression of the house is fantastically damaged.

Importance of Curb Appeal

We often talk about improving the curb appeal of our homes. By curb appeal, we refer to details that make our houses look attractive from the outside like, pretty landscaping, some pleasing house colors, smart and appealing front doors, etc. Anything that makes our houses look charming and striking to outsiders is curb appeal. The one thing that we almost never add to this list is window treatments. It never occurs to us or perhaps we have never given importance to the fact that the window coverings that we choose for our homes, curtains or shades, are visible not only indoor but outdoor as well. So if there is any mismatch, any blunder with linings or lack of parity between windows it will show up badly to outsiders. It can go a long way in spoiling the look of the house that we are so hard trying to create.

Solutions for Increasing Curb Appeal

You may wonder whether it is important to match window coverings to the interior décor or match all of them to make them appear attractive from outside. Let us see what you can do to get achieve the balanced look from both within and outside.

Opt White for Street-facing Windows

When in doubt about the color of window shade you should opt for, resort to the safest color, white. You can never go wrong there. Have your street-facing windows dressed in white or if you are choosing different colors for your room simply add a white lining and bingo! All your windows will have the same white color from outside. It is the easiest way to avoid a mismatched look.

Another advantage of providing a white lining to your shades or curtains, apart from increasing curd appeal is protecting your shades. Prolonged exposure to sun rays can damage them and cause color loss.
You can use any combination of following shades keeping them white on the back:
• White painted shutters, wood blinds or faux wood blinds
• Roller shades with white reverse color
• Woven wood shades, Roman shades or pleated with white liner
• Draperies with white liner
• Sheer shades in white

Select Matching Treatments
If you have a simple décor for your house you may opt for similar window coverings for all the windows or at least the street-facing ones. Another option is to opt for similar window coverings for each floor. For example, you could choose draperies for the first floor and wood blinds for the second. That would also achieve the uniform look that you are trying achieve on the outside.

Choose a Base Window Treatment
There is another option you could try with optimum results. You could choose a base window shades like Roman shades, roller shades or shutters of similar color. Pair these up with differently designed and colored draperies on the inside. This allows you to match your draperies to your interior décor style while giving a uniformed look from the outside thanks to the similar base shades or shutters. They complement the draperies well and do not take attention away from them. There is also the advantage of an added layer of insulation, style and better light filtration.
Basement Window Shades

Keep Window Treatment Positions Uniform
Another window covering fashion disaster is if you are using shades and have them rolled up at different levels. To make your house windows appear symmetrical and be visually appealing, take care to match the coverings across your street-facing windows. Either have all of them lowered midway, or have all of them pulled back to the same position. If there is one window that looks different it will stick out like a sore thumb.
Drapery for Curb Appeal
Try and Coordinate with other Exterior features of House
White for street-facing windows may not always work. There are some homes that have wooden exteriors and white will stand out awkwardly. For such wooden exteriors we recommend faux wood blinds, wood blinds or plantation shutters that match your woodwork. Just ensure that the wood color matches otherwise it will clash. If you are using draperies or shades and do not want to go for a white look, opt for neutral shades like grey or tan.
Wooden Shutters for Curb Appeal

Shades Ideal and Less Ideal for a Great Curb Appeal

Help us guide you in recommending some window dressings that are great for improving the curb appeal of your homes.
• Plantation shutters leave a lasting impression with their chic, stylish yet classic look.
• 2” Wood or faux wood blinds are great if you want shutters but not willing to invest in them. 2” blinds make a superb alternative.
• Roller shades give a uniform neat and clean look that looks lovely from outside.
• Cellular shades are multi-faceted and look classy. They come with a white back layer which helps to give a uniform look outside while you can use other colors for your interiors.
• Sheer shades are fantastic. The soft colors have great visual appeal and you can also pair them up with patterned draperies inside.

There are few shades which are not recommended to be ideal for increasing curb appeal.
• Roman shades are much loved but the rumpled fabric at the back of the shades is not great for viewing from outside the house.
• Woven wood shades have cords at the back which spoil the look on the outside.
• Mini blinds look too crowded from outside are best suited for rooms which demand durability.

All you need for increasing curb appeal, apart from of course maintaining the front façade of your home and landscaping is a unified strategy for dressing up your windows. Randomly choosing window covers for every room to match your interiors without knowledge of how they will look from outside could ruin its aesthetic and visual appeal.

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