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How to Hang Sliding Panels and Valances in Your Living Room

How to Hang Sliding Panels and Valances in Your Living Room

Are you wondering how to dress up your beautiful, large windows? Or, are you in two minds about whether it is a good idea to cover up those gorgeous wall-to-wall patio doors? Large glass windows and doors are the glory of a room. The wealth of natural light that comes through them is a treat for the eyes and mind. It might seem a shame to cover all that up. But huge windows do come with some downsides.

Huge glass windows can get in the way of peaceful rest when the sun shines directly on the television or your eyes. Overexposure to sunlight and harmful UV rays can also wreak havoc on your furniture and paintwork. No matter how delightful the scenery is outside, during the night, you will crave some privacy. All these reasons collectively make a solid case in the favor of getting window coverings for large doors and windows.
Luckily, there are many clever window treatment solutions that have been designed specifically keeping large doors and windows in mind. Sliding panels are one of them. If you want something completely unique in the design concept, pair them up with valances.

What are Sliding Panels?

When you are looking for a dressing option for a large window and door, you really want something that will not get in the way. They will also have to be smart, sleek, and elegant. Sliding panels fit the bill.
Sliding panels are mounted on the wall or on the ceiling. These blinds are rectangular pieces of fabric that run along tracks and stack upon each other when open. Their design ensures that when they are open, they take up the least space on the window or door.

Slide panel blinds are available in a variety of materials, ranging from blackout to solar shades, from woven wood to printed cotton. You will be spoiled for choices when it comes to selecting a material for sliding panel blinds.
Sliding Panel Track Blinds

How to Hang Sliding Panels and Valance in Living Rooms

Although meant for glass windows and doors, sliding panel blinds can be an extremely versatile design element for the living room. As they go on the ceilings and cover the entire length from floor to ceiling, they can be installed pretty much anywhere in the room to act as an excellent room divider. These stylish blinds are very effective in carving out a tiny space out of your spacious living room to create a quiet niche for yourself. You can divide your living room in separate living and dining areas, tuck in a small study area, or even a little play area for your little ones.

If you wish to add a dash of style to your room, you can use sliding panel track blinds to cover unsightly storage space or large closets. Imagine sliding open the track blinds to open up a tiny music room, or a beautiful studio. The options are literally endless with these blinds.

What are Valances?

Valance is a decorative piece of window accessory that covers up the top of the window, effectively hiding the ugly hardware that comes with blinds and curtains. Valances give the windows a well-defined shape and structure.
Historically, valances were used in the Victorian houses as an accompaniment for curtains, with valances made out of the same fabric as the curtain. However, in modern homes, valances have been redefined to include more variation in colors and materials to sync with more modern windows dressing options.

Valances are usually made of a fabric wrapped around wood or metallic structure. The fabric options are numerous for valances. Depending upon your taste and design, you can dress up your valances in silk, cotton, leather, velvet, and much more.

Valances usually take the shape of a rectangle, but there is no hard rule for it. You can have semi-circular valances, balloon-shaped valances, eye-let valances and so on. There is no limit to how innovative you can get with valances.

Some Ideas for Pairing Sliding Panel Blinds with Valances

If you are using sliding panel blinds for your living room, you will notice how exposed the hardware looks. Although panel tracks make the operation very smooth, aesthetically, they stick out like a sore thumb. You can hide these tracks with some clever use of valances. Some design ideas are discussed below.

Valance for Solar Sliding Panel Track Blinds

If you have used solar shade material for your panel track blinds, you might consider something darker for your valances to add some substance and weight for the visual appeal. For a minimalistic style, you can go a few shades deep for your valance material. The subdued effect of the two fabrics will add to the overall elegance of your room.
You can also match the valance design with the design elements already present in the room. This will create a symmetry between all the style elements within the room.

Valance for Wooden Wood Panel Track Blinds

If you have used woven wood for your panel track blinds, go for fabric valances with rustic designs to create a natural look for you room. You can also go with a leather look. Combine elements of fabric and leather to get that ultra-masculine look for your natural, panel track blinds. This look will definitely go well with leather tan furniture.

Valance for Fabric Panel Track Blinds

If you have fabric panel track blinds, your task becomes very easy. You get a wide range of colors and patterns in the fabric. You can also try different styles will fabric valances, like scalloped valances, scarf valance, or cornice valance.

Fabric has the flexibility to go with all décor styles and patterns. So, it will be very easy to coordinate with any design concept of your choice, be it traditional or modern.
Valances can be a very useful option to add a decorative element to your panel track blinds to make them more attractive and trendier.

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