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How to Hang Roman Shades Over Your Blinds

How To Hang Roman Shades Over Your Blinds

Windows are an essential part of your home décor both functionally and design-wise. They are designed to let natural light enter your space while allowing ventilation. And in this procedure, window blinds play a significant role as they allow us to adjust the light and privacy, depending on our requirements. Besides functionality and reliability, they are designed to emphasize the beauty of your interior. There are plenty number of window dressings available in the market.

But among all, fabric roman shades are popular for their unique look and incredible quality. Their amazing texture, patterns, and color options add value and architectural interest to your space. No other window shade can beat the beauty of the roman blinds. We believe that window treatments are a one-time investment and investing in roman shades won’t disappoint you. But what happens when you have existing window blinds like real wood blinds, aluminum blinds, or vinyl blinds? What if you are looking to enrich the appearance of the windows with roman shades? What you are looking for is something called ‘Layering’. Hanging roman shades over the existing blinds not only enhances the aesthetics of your space but also improves the quality and functionality. Installing roman shades is a smart decision as they can charm any room with old or modern look. But how to hang roman shades over blinds? Because only a proper layering can embellish the beauty of an interior while upgrading the other sides of your treatment. If you are looking for the same answer, then this article might help you!

Roman Shades

Adding Roman Shades to your windows will do wonders for your interior decor!

Step by Step Guidelines of Hanging Roman Shades Over Blinds

Where to Hang Roman Shades & your Blinds?

Generally, mounting roman shades over the existing window blinds means you are opting for the exterior mount (outside of the window frame). You cannot have inside mount for both blinds and shades and it will be cluttered and shabby. Before installing Roman Shades on your windows ensure that your blinds are inside mount. Outside mount Roman Shades will look beautiful. There will be no conflict with the blinds and no clash of the functionality of the two window treatments. Moreover outside mount Roman Shades will give the windows brilliant coverage and cut out any light gaps that may have been created by you inside mount blinds.
Before you start the process, make sure you have all the tools which include a measuring tape, pencil, level tool, and screwdriver or drill.
Roman Shades Over Blinds

Tips Before You Begin Installing Roman Shades

• Unpack your shade and all the hardware carefully.
• Make sure all the hardware is included.
• Do follow the guidelines (included with the product package) to avoid mistakes and familiarize yourself with the process.

Now, follow the steps for an error-free installation –
• Roman shades have holes in the headrail where you need to place the brackets. To mark the bracket position, fasten the brackets onto the headrail.
• Hold the headrail in the position where you want to mount the shades and take a pencil to mark the tops of the brackets.
• Remove the brackets from the headrail in order to install them on the window. Now, use the brackets to mark the screw holes.
• Take a screwdriver or drill to create holes where you need to secure the brackets using screws. The number of brackets included depending on the width of the window shade.
• Hang the shade by fitting the brackets on the top of the headrail and secure with nuts.
• And you are ready to operate them. Pull up and pull down the shade to ensure the smooth function. Adjust them throughout the day as per your needs.

Window Blinds Collection

Mix and Match our blinds with your Roman Shades for a dynamic and stylish look!

Layering window blinds has many benefits. It not only brings value and sophistication with their artistic beauty, but also maximizes the functionality of light control, insulation, and privacy. Raise and lower down one of the window treatments according to the requirements. Roman shades are the perfect choice for pairing with your existing blinds that will bring elegance and timeless beauty for your space. Follow the above steps to hang your roman blinds without any complication. Take the help of experts for an error-free installation if in any doubt!

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