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How to Hang Net Curtains in a Bay Window

How to Hang Net Curtains in a Bay Window

Amongst the vast sea of options you might have for choosing a window, bay windows stand out for their creative design and appeal. Finding the right window treatment for your bay windows can be very difficult. You might find yourself conflicted with wanting to show off your unique design and the view outside while also wanting to block harsh sunlight and maintain some privacy within your home. This is where net curtains come in. Net curtains act as perfect partners with bay windows giving you just the right amount of everything you desire.

What are Bay Windows?

In a nutshell, bay windows project outward from the walls of you room and form a bay. The most common forms of bay windows come in the shapes of either a rectangle or a trapezoid. However, the options you have shape-wise is large. It is possible to customize the shape you want in order to fit in with the room seamlessly.

In these modern times, bay windows are mainly used to make the room look larger and give a multi-dimensional view of the room that is normally not possible with conventional windows. They are a common feature of terrace houses and detached houses.

Bay windows have their benefits aside from their unique design, which makes them even more desirable. It gives you some extra space in your room. You will be borrowing some space from the outside to make some space on the inside. You can use that area however you want. You can even leave it empty to make the room look larger. Because of the multi-dimensional feature of these windows more sunlight will be channelled into the room. This is why rooms with bay windows are also uses as indoor gardens. Naturally, more sunlight also means that there is more ventilation in the room. With the right amount of light control, it will enhance the natural look of the room immensely.

Square Bay Window Curtains

What are Net Curtains?

Net curtains are partially transparent made out of thin fabric. The point of having the curtain is to make sure the view is actually visible while filtering the sunlight and maintaining some privacy at the same time.

How to Hang Net Curtains in a Bay Window

The shape of the windows makes it a little difficult to hang net curtains onto bay windows. But, with the perfect materials and careful precision you can install net curtains easily onto bay windows. It involves a quick step by step process –

  1. Picking out compatible hardware – Usually, you would need curtain rods that go above the curtains for conventional windows. However, for bay windows, you need curtain rods that go inside the window frame. These are called tension rods. The push themselves into the window frame and are sturdy enough to stay rooted and support a curtain. Tension rods come in different sizes and you might need more than one depending on the number of frames you have. Also, curtain brackets are no longer a necessity if you decide to use tension rods. If you don’t want to use tension rods, you can also find bay window curtain rods that are tailor made for bay windows. Curtain tracks that are flexible to go around the corners of the wall are also viable options.
  1. Assessing how much you need – You might have to get anywhere from three to six sections for your curtain rod depending on how many sections your bay window has. You also need to use as many brackets as the layer of curtains you want to install. For example, for a simple one-layer curtain, you would need only need to use single brackets. For two layers you will need a double bracket.
  1. Installing Brackets – The first part of this process is getting the height right. Hanging the curtains higher than the windows make the bay windows look much bigger. About 12 – 16 cm above the frames will be just about enough and you will not have to risk make it excessively big or too close to the ceiling. Naturally, you need not do this if you are using tension rods. Mark the spots where you want the brackets to go. Once the marks are made, you have to drill into those spots to allow the screw to go in. It is quite important to make sure that the drill is not as big as the curtain screws. This is to make sure that the screws stay firmly in their spot. Hold the brackets and line them up with the holes you drilled and fasten them with curtains screws using a screwdriver.
  1. Hanging the curtain – The first thing to do is divide the curtains into panel. Then it is up to you to decide whether you want two curtain panels per window frame or just one. With net curtains, both options work well although most people go for the single panel. It is really a question of preference though. Now attach the panels onto the curtain rods. If you’re using double brackets, the net curtains must go one the second set of rods.

Now all you have to do is place the curtain rods in the brackets. The process changes however, depending on the curtain rod.

These steps are not too complicated, they just need to be given due consideration. It might be beneficial for the family to take it up as a project or even have it’s a ‘Do It Yourself’ project. It is highly recommended that you use some form of diagrammatic representation or video to help creating an image in your head and for reference.

Why are Net Curtains the Best Options for Bay Windows?

Bay windows are usually meant to project outward and show off the view and come off as a unique design. You will need a window treatment that complements the design of bay windows. Some types of net curtains, like sheer curtains for instance, are very adept at protecting its users from the harsh sunlight that enters homes. Although they are partially transparent, they act as filtering systems while giving us the benefit of natural light will preventing overexposure.

The added benefit of these curtains is the amount of privacy they give while still allowing you to peer out into the outside world. It makes it a perfect fit for bay windows.

Regardless of whether you have bay windows or not, net curtains can be large contributors to the ambience of your home. They can provide a refreshing look to your home by oozing off a calming and soothing vibe that defines comfort. And they are an affordable option as well.

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