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How To Hang Grommet Curtains With An Extra Sheer Layer

How To Hang Grommet Curtains With An Extra Sheer Layer

What Are Grommet Curtains?

Grommet curtains, also referred to as eyelet curtains, are the most sought-after curtain style due to their versatility and ease of installation. This makes it easy for opening and closing the curtains to allow the sunlight to enter while offering privacy. Grommets are small rings attached to the curtains which are also used to define the holes in the fabric. While most grommets are made of metal, some of them are made of rubber and plastic. Blending the grommets with correct hardware gives you classic window coverings. They are available in a variety of finishes like black, antique brass, chrome, polished brass, copper, and so on.

What Are Sheer Curtains?

Sheer curtains are a great way of brightening your space. It offers a room with an airy and light atmosphere. They provide limited privacy control and allow soft, dim light to enter. They are available in various colors and distinct lengths to ensure you will find one that goes well with any room. Sheer curtains can either be hung alone or with other curtains like grommet curtains. 

Benefits of Hanging Grommet Curtains with a Sheer Layer

  1. Easy Installation: Grommet curtains combined with sheer layers are the simplest for installation and the most attractive combination. Just a single slide can put them all in accordance and shape, as they are embedded with rings.
  2. It is Standard: It is a classic combination and commonly found in bedrooms, libraries, hotel rooms, and living rooms. This combination is everything that a living area should have. They are very efficient for managing air circulation and ventilation in any room. Their beauty doesn’t fade out even when tiebacks are used.
  3. Variety of Material Options: Grommet curtains can be made of various materials just like sheer curtains. There is no particular fabric that is required to be used in grommet curtains.

How To Hang Grommet Curtains

  1. Measuring Your Window’s Breadth: After you have noted the breadth of the window frame, double it to get an idea of how broad your grommet curtains have to be. If you consider only the width of your windows, it would appear like a solid fabric piece hanging in front of your window. Doubling the breadth offers you plenty of fabric to hang in tidy, lengthy pleats.
  • Determining Your Curtain Rod Length: What is the size of the rod that you require for grommet curtains? As you are already aware of your window’s width, you simply have to add extra 8 inches to that dimension for a single window or an extra 14 inches for double windows. The extra length spares space on both sides of the window for the fabric to hang when it is drawn to the sides thereby, creating an illusion of a larger window.
  • Determining The Diameter Of Your Curtain Rod: Measure the opening of the grommet on your curtain panels excluding the metal rim. Then, subtract a half-inch from that measurement to determine the maximum diameter of the curtain rod that you can select. Pick finials that accent your interior décor and the style of your grommet curtains.
  • The Number of Required Panels: Ensure that the fullness of the curtains is about twice the breadth of the window. It is essential to balance your windows as well. So, if you install double panels on one side, fix two panels on the second side also.
  • Measure Your Window Height: At what height should the curtains be hung? Generally you’ll want to mount your curtain rod about two to four inches above the peak of your window, and the grommet curtains should hang down to the floor. Measure your height accordingly from where you are mounting your rod down to where you want the curtain to hang.
  • Fix The Curtain Rod: Mark the middle point from where the curtain rod will hang. Fix the brackets according to the given instructions.
  • Insert And Arrange The Curtains: Insert the curtain rod through the grommet of every panel. Hold the curtain rod so that the right side of the curtain is facing outward. Install the curtains to the bracket. Screw on the finials to the ends of the curtain rod. Place the curtains as expected.

How to Hang Grommet Curtains With Sheer Curtains?

Grommet curtains are one of the simplest and easiest curtains to install on the windows if the below-mentioned steps are followed correctly:

  • For hanging the grommet curtains with a sheer layer, you have to first buy double curtain rods as both the curtains will be hung on one window.
  • By now, you would have all the measurements taken. So, set up these curtain rods and verify if it fits the breadth of the window panels present slightly above the top panel.
  • Takedown the rods, install the sheers on one rod, and allow it to accumulate at the center, and tie both edges of the rod.
  • The grommet curtains should then be attached to the second rod through the grommets.
  • Let the grommet curtains be separated from one another so that they fall closer to the rod’s edges. This is to show the beautiful sheer curtains installed previously behind the opulent grommet curtains.
  • Tie the sides of your classic grommet rods at both sides and then you will have a combo of sheer and grommet curtains.
  • Provide it a final touch to ensure the curtains are uniformly positioned on rods to look attractive.

Bottom Line

Sheers offer your home a calm environment with an airy and light atmosphere, but they comes with minimal privacy control. So hanging grommet curtains with sheers can add the ability to close the curtains for enjoying solitude and peace.

Most people use sheers beneath grommet curtains to hang next to the window. The sheer layer allows the warmth and sunshine to enter during the daytime while offering a certain amount of privacy. And when you need more darkness and better privacy, you can close the grommet curtains. While selecting the sheers and grommet curtains, choose sheers with a complementary or similar color as the grommet curtains, but with a lighter or a darker shade. 

Usually you will hang the grommet curtains with sheers in such a way as to keep the sheers drawn closed while the grommet curtains drawn to the side and allowed to hang loose or knotted at the middle. The sheer curtain rod will be thinner and lighter while the grommet curtain rod will be thicker. Both the rods can be of distinct or similar styles.

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