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How to Hang Extra Wide Curtains Safely and Securely

How to Hang Extra Wide Curtains Safely and Securely

Why Need Curtains?

Curtains boast of a class and elegance that remains undisputed even in the age of blinds and shades. With all the smart features and smooth hassle-free operation of blinds and shades, curtains continue to rule the hearts of homeowners. The yards of silk and linen continues to weave magic in your living space, enchanting one and all with their elegance and grace. They fill the rooms with a warm glow and help to soften the sharp edges of furniture and other decor items in the room. They add a feminine delicate touch to spaces around the curtains which creates the perfect ambiance for a comfortable living with a high style quotient.


Windows can be of different shapes and sizes and curtains can be customized to meet the varying demands of your windows. You can choose from a wide range of colors, designs, patterns, and textures to suit every mood and decor style. It is not difficult to find the perfect pair of drapes and curtains for your rooms. With the right measurements and proper installation, curtains can truly make a huge difference to your room’s style. If your room requires a drastic makeover, just change the curtains and see the instant transformation that your room undergoes.

Functional Features

Apart from their high aesthetic value, curtains do a decent job of filtering the harsh light, blocking out the harmful UV rays, improving the insulating ability of the window, minimizing heat gain, and offering privacy to the living space. Astounding beauty and rich features make curtains a much sought after window treatment in the market.

Linen Curtains

Hanging Extra-Wide Curtains

It is however important to remember that your work does not end with choosing the right curtain color and texture. Hanging them correctly with thoughtfully chosen curtain hardware and finials can make a huge difference between stunning and a poor appearance.

Wide Enough Panels & Fuller Length

Your first responsibility is to ensure that the curtain panels are wide enough to cover your windows. This is particularly important if you have extra-large windows or several windows placed side by side across the wall. If the panels are not wide enough, they will provide poor coverage and you will find light and sun rays flooding through the gaps. Measure the windows well and make sure that the panels are at least two times the width of the windows. Choosing the right length is also important. For your wide and tall windows getting the length right is critical. Too small curtains will appear awkward, visually shorten the living space and also make ceilings appear lower than they are. Neither should your curtains hang too low and puddle on the ground as they will collect dust. The ideal length is where the curtains reach just up to the floor. Hang the curtains high near the ceiling to create an illusion of a larger room. This works brilliantly if you have wide windows and they sprawl across your wall.

Recessed Window Curtains

Wider Curtain Rods

Curtain rods should also be wider than your windows. This will allow you to pull the curtains completely to the side of the window and not allow them to block the windows. For extra-large windows make sure that the rods do not fall short of the breadth of windows. They will make the curtains and the windows look poorly. Whatever the size of the window, the curtain rods should be 8 to 12 inches longer than the width of your windows.

Multiple Panels for Better Coverage

If you have extra wide windows, you will need multiple panels to ensure better coverage for your windows. If the panels are heavy it is possible that your rods will not be able to support the weight and the rods will start to bend. This will ruin the aesthetics of the rooms and windows and also jeopardize the functionality of the curtains. If you have wide windows you can opt for multiple lightweight panels. This will distribute the weight uniformly across the rod and being lightweight they will not cause the rods to bend.

Thicker Curtain Rods

For your extra wide windows, choose your rods well. It is not mandatory that you choose sheer and lightweight drapes all the time for your windows, particularly if you are looking for insulation, privacy, and complete light blockage. For heavier curtains for extra wide windows, the rods must be well suited. Opt for thicker curtain rods to hold up well. They are far more durable than the thin rods and will hold up well. Go for rods that are at least 1 inch in thickness.

Curtain Rods

Double Curtain Rods Brackets for Enhanced Support

Curtain rods are mounted on brackets that are drilled into the wall. Standard sized windows require just two mounting brackets to support the curtain rod and panels. But this will not work well for extra wide windows. A bracket on either side of the windows will cause the rod to bend in the middle and also pose a safety hazard when you are trying to close and open the curtains, especially when you have kids and pets in the house. They can give the curtains a tug which will cause the curtains and rods to come down altogether causing injury. What your extra wide windows require are center support brackets. Heavy-duty double curtain rod brackets will lend stability to your curtain panels. Use double curtain rods with double center support brackets at every 60” interval. This will help prevent the curtains and the rods from drooping and wall damage. Choose the color that matches the curtain rods and mounting brackets to preserve the aesthetics of the windows.

With the right rod thickness, center support brackets, and multiple panels you will be able to ensure the perfect installation and functionality of extra wide curtains. They will get the stability they need to function effectively and also ensure the safety and security of people.