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How To Hang Cellular Shades

How To Hang Cellular Shades

What are Cellular Honeycomb Shades?

When it comes to selecting the most versatile shade for your windows you can never go wrong with Cellular Honeycomb Shades. Beautiful and contemporary to look at, these shades are extremely functional and help to maintain a comfortable and pleasant ambiance within the house. This is because they are the best insulating window treatments in the market. The honeycomb design of the shades allows the air to get trapped in the cells creating a buffer between the windows and the room. While standard windows have an R-value of somewhere around 3, Cellular Shades take this count to around 7. R-value may be defined as a measure of the resistance of a certain object to the flow of heat. It is this mechanism that prevents the loss of warm air during winter and also obstructs the flow of warm air inside during the hot summer months.

This explains their energy efficiency. During winter and summer, the heaters and air conditioners do not need to overwork themselves as Cellular Shades help to keep the interiors warm during winter and cool during summer. So if you are worried about your ever-increasing energy bills and wish to put a check on them, install Cellular Shades in your house and be amazed by the difference they make. Now that we have spoken much about the goodness and richness of the shades, let us see how you can install them or hang them to your windows. The best news for you is that these shades can be installed by you without any professional intervention. It is relatively simple and easy.
Thermal Cellular Shades

Installing Cellular Shades

Prior to installing your shades you must have got them customized to fit your windows. This means that you have already decided the mount for your shades that is they will be either inside mount for an outside mount. Inside mount shades are those which are mounted inside the window frame covering the entire length and breadth of the windows. Outside mount shades are those which are mounted outside the frame. They will be installed in the wall above the window frame and you will determine the measurements depending upon how wide and long you want to blinds to be. Take the correct measurements to prevent confusion later and get them custom-made to make the perfect fit.

Disclaimer: Please follow these instructions at your own risk. ZebraBlinds takes no liability for any issues or damaged caused through following DIY methods. Since all blinds and shades are different, we always recommend checking with your blind manufacturer or retailer first before making any modifications to your blinds. As well, if you are uncomfortable on your own, look for the help of a professional.

Tools Needed

Once you receive your package it is now time to get them mounted. For this purpose you will need the following tools:

• Claw hammers
• Power drills
• Step ladders
• Screwdriver
• Pencil

Inside Mount Installation
• For inside mount installation of Cellular Shades you need a cordless screwdriver and a ¼ inch Hex head drill bit.
• Unpack your shades and the mounting hardware. Ensure that everything is in place. Go through the instruction manual that is included with the shades and get yourself familiarized with the contents.
• Take your mounting brackets and position them about 2.5 inches on either side of the window opening and on the top of the windows. Ensure that the brackets are evenly placed and make a marking where screws will be drilled. This you can do be lightly tapping the starter holes through the top slot of the bracket into the mounting surface. Fix the supply screw for each. If any center bracket has been provided for support make sure you use them for better functionality. The number of brackets will depend upon the width of the shade.
• Drill the holes and get the brackets mounted on the wall.
• Time to install the headrail. You can do this by hooking the front of your bracket and then snapping it into place.
• Test your shades for functionality. Pull the cords towards the center of the shade and raise your hand while holding on to the cord if you want to lower the shades. For raising the shades pull the cords away from the shade.
Inside Mount Cellular Shades
Outside Mount Installation
• If you have opted for outside mount installation, you need similar things you needed for inside mounts. Unpack the contents of the blind package and go through the things that have been provided.
• Position the shades where you want to get them installed. Make markings of the top of the headrail which will be 2.5 inches in from left and right outside the edges of the shade using a pencil. Now align n the top left of the bracket with the pencil markings and screw them into the wall.
• Repeat the step for the right side brackets and for any additional brackets that may have been provided along with the blinds.
• You can install the headrail by hooking the front part of the bracket and snapping them into place.
• To check whether your shades are functioning correctly raise and lower the shades by pulling the cord away and towards the center.
Outside Mount Cellular Shades
Cellular Shades are easy to install and is completely hassle-free. A few tools are all that is needed to get your shades up and functioning. The measurements that you provide at the time of manufacturing must be perfect to prevent mishaps at the time of installation.