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How to Get Your Blinds Unstuck

How To Get Your Blinds Unstuck

Blinds & Operational Hazards

Blinds and shades have captured a sizeable portion of the window treatment market because they are convenient to use and maintain. There is a wide range of colors, designs and textures to choose from and you can find the perfect one to meet your criteria and blend with your room decor style. There are blinds for every type of room to suit different conditions. :There are blackout blinds for bedrooms, waterproof, rust-proof low maintenance aluminum and faux wood blinds high moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchen, child proof blinds for young kids, the energy-efficient cellular shades and sun protector solar shades. There are both corded and cordless blinds available to suit your needs.

While these blinds are extremely user friendly they can also suffer from operational issues. They can get stuck, refuse to budge giving rise to a host of problems for the users. Stuck blinds can be a nuisance for business establishments as well as for homeowners. It is annoying to say the least and calling professional help may not be feasible at all times. So if your blinds are stuck there are ways to resolve the issue.

How to Unstick Horizontal Blinds

Why Blinds Can Get Stuck
Sometimes the mechanism of the blind may pinch the cords which prevent you from lowering the blinds. Every cord has a pawl and they thread over a pin beneath the pawl. A pawl may be defined as a metal roller with teeth designed to grab the cord. It is located in the headrail in the lock mechanism. This pawl has been designed to move up and down along a track to help release the cord to lower the blinds or to keep them locked. When they are locked the blinds cannot be lowered.

Give Gentle Tug
Give a gentle tug on the cords to help loosen the blinds and lower them. Try pulling the cord to your left towards the center of the blinds and apply a little tension. In most cases, this will allow the pawl to fall to its lowest position thereby creating a space between the pawl and the pin to help release the cords and lower the blinds.

Remove Blinds
If tugging the cords does not help to unstuck the blinds then you need to detach them from the brackets. Place the blinds on a table with the lock mechanism so that the open top of the headrail is accessible. You will see how the cords thread through the lock mechanism. Use a flat-bladed screwdriver to press the pawl down to the roller and help it move to the lowest position on the slotted track. Sometimes the pawl can get stuck at the top of the slotted track along which it moves caused by extra pressure applied when tugging cords to the right to lock the blinds in an open position.

Skewed Pawl Need Realignment
There are times when the pawl one end down and the other end in the slotted track and needs to be realigned to get released and start working again. The side that is in the down position needs to be given a gentle push. Press it down then on the side that is in up position to help level the pawl evenly. The roller gets skewed in the fashion when the cords are not pulled equally. It causes one cord to lift one end and the other cord fails to move the pawl at all. This is known as a skewed pawl issue. You can lubricate the pins to ensure that they function smoothly on the track.
How to Remove Horizontal Blinds

How to Unstick Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are popularly used to dress sliding glass doors and large windows which cannot be covered by horizontal blinds. Like the latter vertical blinds too can encounter issues and can refuse to slide open. To resolve the issue you can try the following steps.

Ensure that all slats are well aligned.
The ends must be evenly arranged and ensure that the slats are not awkwardly placed behind each other. In case they are, rotate them by hand till all of them are in place.
If the blinds still encounter resistance you could try shooting some silicon spray into the headrail of the blinds or inside the track that helps your panel track blinds to operate.
Once the spray has been applied, move the blinds back and forth to help spread the silicon evenly. The blinds will not move with ease.
How to Remove Vertical Blinds
Slats Not Tilting
If your slats stop tilting you need to locate the metal rod in the headrail. Where the tilt mechanism is located you need to tilt the rod back into the mechanism and now the slats should start tilting once again. Sometimes the strings that connect the slats get tangled preventing you from tilting the slats. Check for knots or tangles.

Replacing Broken Slats
Sometimes slats refuse to function if there is broken slat somewhere. To make them functional you need to replace the broken slats. At the bottom, rail remove the end plugs and undo the knots. Remove the cords out from all the slats till you reach the one that need to be replaced. Replace the slat with a new one. Rethread the cord through each slat. Tie the knot, replace the end plugs and you have the blinds functioning once again.

Following these steps and measures will help you to unstick these blinds and get them working again without professional intervention.

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