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How to Get Wrinkles Out of Chiffon Material

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Chiffon Material

What are Sheer Curtains?

If you are craving for elegance and luxurious appeal in your rooms, nothing can work better than sheer curtains. These yards of near-transparent fabric weave magic in your rooms like nothing else does. They allow an abundance of natural light to light up your space but sans the harsh glares of the sun. They allow brilliant air ventilation across the room. They help to soften the rough and hard edges in and around the room and instill warmth that wraps around the heart. Irrespective of the decor style, sheer curtains hung high above the windows dropping till the floor adds just the right amount of drama that helps to pull the room together into a cohesive whole.
The best part of sheer curtains is that they to be paired with any other more functional window treatments like solid curtains, blinds and shades. Together they help to add both functional advantage and aesthetic beauty to the windows and to the living space.

Different Sheer Fabric & Chiffon

A variety of fabric is used for making sheer curtains. They can be made of any of the following materials, namely, gauze, voile, muslin, lace, organza, georgette and of course chiffon. Delicate and soft to touch and feel, these fabrics lend an ethereal beauty to your windows. Chiffon is a popular material used for sheer curtains. It is lightweight and plain-woven fabric. While white remains the favorite color among homeowners, you can choose from a range of soft colors for your chiffon curtains like pink blue, beige etc. depending upon the color scheme of your rooms. While there is little doubt about the muted appeal of chiffon, they are prone to wrinkles. Wrinkles can be caused when curtains are delivered in a package. Wrinkled curtains look poorly and can ruin the look of the room that you have been trying so hard to create. The silk version of chiffon has to be taken care of by professionals because they can get ruined at home. Cotton and synthetic chiffon however can be easily attended to at home.
Sheer Curtains for Windows
Removing Wrinkles from Chiffon Curtains
To remove wrinkles from your chiffon curtains, please follow the steps listed below. You can use any of the two methods to help your chiffon curtains become wrinkle-free. Before using any of the below methods, make sure to check with your curtain manufacturer first to avoid any damage. ZebraBlinds is not responsible for any damage caused by DIY methods.

Hot Shower Method
1. For this method you need to cover the floor of the bathroom with towels and then turn the shower on at its highest temperature.
2. Windows and doors of the bathroom need to be closed to allow steam to fill the bathroom for around 10 minutes and then turn off the shower.
3. Allow the chiffon curtains to hang in this steam-filled for about 15 minutes. Close the door before leaving. Re-enter after 15 minutes.

Ironing Method
1. Set your washing machine on a gentle setting and use cool water to wash the chiffon curtains.
2. Take a dry clean towel to wrap the chiffon curtains in an attempt to dry them by beating it between your hands. Leave the curtains a little damp.
3. Now take out your iron machine, fill it with water and plug it in. Choose a low or cool setting to iron your curtains. Some iron machines come with fabric setting for chiffon, choose that iron your curtains without causing damage.
4. Before you start, use a damp ironing cloth or towel to cover the curtains except for the small part you want to iron first. This will prevent the chiffon curtains from drying out before ironing is complete.
5. The part of the curtain you wish to iron first use a thin cloth to cover it so that they do not come into direct contact with the chiffon material.
6. Use vertical motions and even strokes to gentle iron over the ironing cloth. Start from the center and outwards towards the edges. At intervals lift the ironing cloth to check if the wrinkles have been removed.
7. Continue ironing till all wrinkles have been removed.
Both these methods are effective and help the curtains lose their wrinkles without causing any damage. This is important because the material is delicate and gentle and hence the risk of getting damaged is always high. Take adequate precautions. Do not let the iron machine come into direct contact with the material. Once the process is completed you have your new wrinkle-free chiffon sheers ready to be hung and flaunted.