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A lady reading shutting off her skylight blinds.

Skylights are found in many homes. They  are designed to allow in as much natural light during the day as possible and bring in a sense of oneness with nature. However, there are times when you will want to have a layer over them, and this is where skylight shades come in. You may need to mute the incoming light or completely block it out, for one reason or another.

One issue that you can probably foresee with skylight blinds or shades is having them get left in a closed position and preventing you from accessing all that wonderful incoming fresh air and sunlight. Well, with a motorized, remote control skylight treatments, this issue becomes a nonconcern. Furthermore, you can get solar powered skylight shades that are self-sustaining, making them energy efficient, without having to rely on batteries or a direct current plug-in. With these two features together, it makes so much sense to want a skylight treatment that features them.

Motorized Skylight Shades are such a treatment and they are the perfect choice to protect your interiors from excessive sunlight. While natural light is very inviting and provides your home with a great natural feel, it needs to be taken with moderation. Too much of it can damage your interiors, it can cause your furniture to fade, the wood flooring and carpets to lose luster, and not to mention the damage it can do to your skin.

A light filtering skylight shade.

Skylights are often found in many different rooms throughout the house. A few examples of skylights can be in living rooms with a high ceiling, a bedroom on the top floor, or even some bathrooms that don’t have any exposure to windows and need a skylight for natural light. Skylights are also a great source of fresh air along with the natural light they bring in. So it goes without saying that skylight windows have many benefits, which is why a lot of architects like to incorporate them into their house designs.

The good you must accept the bad when it comes to skylights. The natural light and fresh air also comes with more exposure to really damaging UV rays. There are ways to compromise, such as getting shades with light filtering fabrics that allow a muted amount of  natural light to filter in. Or, you can get the aforementioned motorized shades with blackout fabrics that you can open and close with ease and convenience per your needs, or depending on how much sunlight is needed to brighten up the room.

Should your home have a skylight, or if you are shopping for one with a skylight there, remember the good and the bad that comes with them. As for the negatives, keep in mind that there are ways to negate them, that way you can fully enjoy all the wonderful things that come with having a skylight window on the roof of your home or prospective home.