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How to Get Perfect Fit Wooden Blinds for Patio Doors

How To Get Perfect Fit Wooden Blinds for Patio Doors

Having a perfect fit means that everything fits perfectly like pieces of a puzzle. This holds for home decor as well. Home decor needs to fit in two levels: everything needs to go in the right place and be correctly proportionately sized. And when you set up your space everything needs to fit together stylistically. When it comes to window treatments they need to fit literally and as well as with the other elements of the home decor. There is a wide variety of window treatments to choose from all with their own versatile functionality to contribute to your space. When it comes to picking among blinds, shades, and shutters, you can pick what suits you the best. But window treatments are not just limited to windows but also doors especially patio and sliding door. In these spaces, it is most important to have the right fit as they can act as hindrances if the fit is not rightly measured.

Are Wooden Blinds a Good Option?

If you’re looking for some classic beauty to spruce up your space then the wooden blinds are perfect for the job. Sleek, minimalistic and charming, wood blinds a lovely addition to your space. The design will easily add on the warmth of your space while bringing forward a cohesive look. The construction of wooden blinds brings forth a natural touch to any space it is kept in. What’s so great about these blinds is that they’re extremely versatile, be your theme rustic or contemporary decor, wooden blinds will seamlessly look great with them all. Here are the reasons why when it comes to your windows or patio doors, why you should consider wooden blinds.

• They are easy to maintain. Compared to other blinds and the material they’re made of; wood is a bit more resistant. All you need to do is do the occasional dust it or wipe it clean with a damp cloth.
• Versatility is key. These blinds bring a certain level of versatility not only with their construction but also with their design. Depending on the kind of theme you’re going for, you can pick the perfect wooden blinds for the same.
• Love having your privacy in your hands? That’s what makes these blinds so great. With other materials, some are opaque and some are completely see-through, but wood is solid and gives you the ideal amount of privacy that you would love to enjoy.
• They last and never lose their charm regardless of rain, snow or sunshine. Regardless of the weather conditions outdoors, their charm remains at its peak indoors.
• They are extremely sturdy, this means that it provides extra protective qualities when it comes to providing your windowpane with some extra protection.
Wooden Vertical Blinds for Patio Door

Can Wooden Blinds be Used for Patio Doors?

When you think about blinds it’s always in conjunction with windows. Often patio and sliding doors are left out of the blind bandwagon because it is believed that blinds might act as a hindrance. It is also a common misconception that panels are likely to hinder the patio door or that the blinds will eventually get worn due to clashing with the door as they open and close. This is not totally true. You can install these blinds for patio doors so that you can give your other entryway a rustic appeal. The key part here is measurement. If you have your measurements right then there is nothing to fear or worry about.
Patio Door Wood Blinds

How to Measure for Blinds That’ll be Fixed on Sliding Doors?

When it comes to introducing blinds to your window, it’s all about giving that fit. In order to enjoy perfect fitted wooden blinds for patio doors, it’s all about getting the measurements right. Here are certain tips when it comes to measurements.

1) The measurements you take will depend on the type of blind you have. Horizontal blinds are recommended for windows whereas vertical blinds are ideal for sliding and patio doors. The type of blind will definitely have an effect on the measurements.
2) It is important to know whether the mount for the blinds is inside mounts or outside mounts, this will definitely affect the measurements. Ensure you’re aware of the type of mount you would like to have considered that and then take on measurements.
3) While measuring keep in mind the handle or the doorknob. This needs to be accounted for so that the blinds and the door don’t keep hitting against each other. Obstructions on either side must be looked at.
4) Also, avoid getting confused between length and width as this type of confusion can lead to a mismatch when it comes to mounting those blinds to the patio door.

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