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How To Get Fire Retardant Materials For Your Shutters?

How To Get Fire Retardant Materials For Your Shutters

Building a dream home is the top agenda for many of us, and we spend a substantial portion of our lives in realizing this objective. So we save money, plan ahead for years, and when the time comes, we take the services of the best professionals in the market. Once we realize this dream, we throw a housewarming party, invite our friends and relatives, and show off our exquisite taste. And then finally we can afford to relax! Well, not really. You need to always be alert and take enough precautions to secure your home. The bigger your house is, the more vulnerable it might be to a disaster. Don’t worry too much, though. You just need to ensure, besides keeping it secure against burglary and theft, that you have the right materials used in the construction of rugs, flooring, walls, and window treatments. Materials that are not easily faded and are, more importantly, fire retardant. There are instances every year in many homes in the US alone, where an accident caused the fire, destroying all precious belongings. More often than not, this misshapen can arise when you have window coverings that are exposed to the sun for too long.

Your Window Treatments May Be Vulnerable To Fire

So we all want attractive window coverings to make a solid impression on our guests over the weekend, which they can gush over and compliment over a round of food and drinks. We often do not realize, however, that the material used in their construction, no matter how superior quality or wonderful it is, might spell disaster, especially when you stay in an area that attracts extreme weather conditions.

Summers can be tricky. The sun shines at its peak outside when you have a room where the blinds are in direct contact with the sun, the chances of catching fire might be higher. Similarly, if you have a short circuit in the home and the shades catch fire, it may spread to the entire home fairly quickly. But when these big and wide windows have fire retardant treatments, this disaster can be easily avoided. Let us look at all the fire retardant materials that you can go for.

Polyester Blends in Solar Shades

Our good old solar shades, also known as summer shades, are long-lasting and durable for a reason. Ever wondered why they last you for many years, even decades, despite being exposed to the sun for so long? That is because these are made from high quality, woven polyester along with a mix of cellulose and polypropylene. Before buying, however, ensure that you do thorough research on the manufacturer, and ensure that your money is being utilized well. Some brands make tall promises, but when it comes to actual delivery and function, things fall short. You don’t want a disaster waiting to open with the wrong solar shades in your home, do you? Go only for the trustworthy brands: Crown, Graber and Hunter Douglas are some of the names that come to mind which deliver high-quality solar shades with fire retardant materials.
Graber Solar Roller Shades

Fire Retardant Materials for Shutters

The excellence of window shutters not only lies in their fabulous design. Those alternating slats create a textured appearance which can even infuse life into the dullest of rooms. No wonder these beauties are the preferred window treatments of one and all, from the cold temperatures of Toronto to the tropical regions of India. They protect your home against intruders, lend privacy, adjust the level of light that you want in your room and insulate your place so that you never, ever feel uncomfortable even when the temperature outdoors is extreme.

But the pertinent question here is the material. What material you ought to use so that they do not catch fire, even in the rarest of occasions. Graber, the top window covering brand, has sturdy North American hardwood used in its construction. Even while wood on its own can catch fire, this is constructed keeping such impending disasters in mind. Graber wood shutters might just be your go-to window treatment option.

The other alternative which might be cheap and equally effective: go for composite wood materials, which many faux window blinds use. Wood is one of the materials used, albeit not the only one. There is a thick coating of PVC in faux wood shutters that not only makes them long-lasting in summers but can also make them equally effective in moisture-prone conditions, thus enabling them to be set up in areas like the kitchen and the bathroom. Plastic is resistant to fire, and hence can save the other things in the room, especially when it is used as one of the materials in shutters.
Composite Plantation Shutters

Aluminum Blinds And Their Fire-Resistant Properties

Aluminum blinds, also known as mini blinds, employ sturdy material in their construction which is known to be one of the most fire-retardant materials that you could ask for. These blinds are superb, offering an aesthetic design and look and with no openings to boast of. The 1-inch aluminum blinds and their slats leave absolutely no room for light or heat to pass through. Besides being fire-resistant and safe for your home, they boast of a variety of designs and color shades that you could choose to keep your home comfortable and safe against any calamities.
Aluminum Window Blinds

A Few Do’s and Don’ts

It is true that the shades mentioned above are built of certain materials that make them resistant to fire. However, there are still some precautions that you can undertake, to ensure that these shades are safe against any impending disaster.

1. Keep a check on the motor: In case you have motorized shades, it is necessary to keep them turned off or unpowered from time to time, especially when they are not in use. You never know when there might be a short circuit in your house and they may catch fire. It is necessary to take this precaution when you leave your home for some time.

2. Keep them out of reach of pets and kids: These unsuspecting beings would be naturally drawn to something that they could find within grasp. So even when you have them made in fire-resistant materials, your little ones can destroy them when they get to them.

3. Install outdoor shades when you have the scope and investment: When it is not possible for you to replace your existing shutters with fire-retardant ones (whatever the reason could be), you might instead install exterior shades that can protect your indoor shades from the sunlight which might damage them. Certain shades are very sensitive to sunlight and it is necessary to prevent them from bending, fading or cracking. Exterior solar shades or awnings in the front porch or a shade sail above your structure can be pretty valuable additions in such a scenario.

Final note: Disasters that result from fires are increasingly becoming common in homes, and most of them result from negligence from the users. Getting fire-resistant window shades is one step that you can do to lower the risk to your home, as windows constitute a substantial portion of it. Find out about the brands that sell fire-retardant shades, and install them in areas that might be prone to catching fire.

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