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How To Get Creases Out Of Linen Curtains

How to Get Creases Out of Linen Curtains

Ways to Get Wrinkles Out of Linen Curtains

We all know curtains are a luxurious and stylish way of enhancing the architectural interest of your decor. Their endless designs and textures help your windows to create a structured look while adding warmth and elegance to the surroundings. Their functional efficiency makes them a remarkable choice to hang on all types of windows and doors. Their light filtration property along with the efficiency of offering insulation and privacy, these curtains make them a classy choice for your interior. Though they are incredibly versatile and practical to achieve all the benefits, but as said every good thing that comes is accompanied by trouble and the same rule is applicable for your curtains as well. Window curtains occur creases if they have been folded for a while especially when you have linen curtains. There is no doubt that linen is the most delicate material among all the curtain materials available. When you unpack these curtains, you will find them badly creased and they will remain the same after hanging them also. And these creases will ruin the aesthetics of your curtains completely. If you don’t want to make these curtains look like crumpled paper, then this article is for you. Read on to know the various helpful ways of treating them at home.

How to Care for Linen Curtains


As soon as you get these linen curtains, unpack them immediately and hang them on the windows. Once you mount them you will notice creases and there are various ways of fixing them. Check out the below easiest and quickest ways that will resolve all your problems.

  • Spraying clean water on the linen fabric should not damage your curtain or leave any spot, but it may shrink as it dries (before trying, check with your manufacturer for more information). Small creases can be removed by this process, but make sure to test on a small spot before you apply them on the main part. You can use a crease-release product too for this treatment. After a few hours, if you still notice some creases on the curtain, then sprinkle the product again. Let the curtain dry at normal temperature and this will help to remove any remaining wrinkles from it.
  • Use a garment steamer and fill it with distilled water. Then apply steam on the wrinkled areas, moving from the top of the curtain to the bottom. Try to use the steamer to both the front and back of the fabric.
  • Though ironing linen curtains is not recommended but if the creases are stubborn, you can try to use an iron with a steam setting. Fill it with water, turn it on, hold it against the curtain to eliminate the creases efficiently.
  • Machine or hand wash is not suggested for linen curtains. Instead, you can opt for professional dry cleaning. Call the experts and get the job done easily and smoothly.

Disclaimer – It’s always recommended to seek help from professionals to avoid mistakes. You should always check with your curtain manufacturer to see what they recommend as well. ZebraBlinds is not be responsible for any damage or loss you face while doing these methods.

It is well-known that linen is a completely natural and fresh fiber to use on curtains but this material has the highest tendency to wrinkle even just by touching it. This fabric material is extremely exquisite, so be careful while removing the creases. Following the above steps will get rid of this problem without any hassle. But don’t hesitate to ask the experts for further assistance!