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How to Get the Best Sun and UV Protection with Roller Blinds

How To Get Best Sun and UV Protection With Roller Blinds

The Need for Sun and UV Protection for your Homes

Creating a safe haven for their homes is the endeavor of every homeowner. The house has to be protected from exposure to the different natural elements like rain, sun and snow. It needs to be temperature controlled so that it is not excessively hot in the summers or too cold during the chilly winter months. The house has to be protected against exposure to unfiltered sunlight and UV rays. While natural light is much welcomed and fills the house with positive energy and cheer, excessive sunlight can be damaging. The sun emits harmful UV rays that easily find their way into our house through doors and windows. Prolonged exposure to these rays can be extremely harmful for human bodies and also damage the interiors of the house and your furniture. It must be the endeavor of every individual to provide a safeguard against the unhindered streaming of UV rays.

Windows, as we have seen, are the major cause of energy loss in the house. The wide expanse of glass causes heat to escape the house during winter and to flow through during summer, causing the temperature to fall and rise respectively thus allowing energy bills to spike extravagantly. Likewise, these windows also cause UV rays to enter the house. Adequate and effective window treatments are needed to keep the rays out as too much sun can wreak havoc with your sleep, health and work. If you are looking for a window covering that will offer the best sun and UV protection, you can never go wrong with Roller Shades.

What are Roller Shades?

Roller Shades have straight clean lines, no extravagance but at the same time extremely classy and elegant for your homes. The goodness of Roller Shades and richness of Solar Shades are combined to get an extremely versatile window covering. They are made from fabrics of different opacity and for improved room darkening. The Solar fabrics are woven to make them porous to light.

Roller Solar Shades can be any of the following types:
Sheer Roller Shades are made of sheer fabric that allows maximum light to flow through and provide minimum privacy.
Light filtering Roller Shades allow diffused illumination and better privacy.
Room darkening Roller Privacy Shades blocks out much of the light and offers good privacy.
Blackout Roller Shades are perfect if you are looking to block out light completely. They offer the best privacy and 100% light blockage for a good night’s sleep or for your media rooms.
Insulated Roller Shades

Graber Solar Shades with 1% to 5% Openness

These Roller Solar Shades come with different levels of transparencies. They come with 1%, 3%, 4% or 5% openness. The lower the level of openness greater the light control and privacy for your homes. SO if you are looking for more sun and UV protection for your home you need to choose Solar Shades with a smaller openness. They help to block out UV rays effectively and prevent your valuables from fading prematurely. These Roller Shades also prevent heat gain which helps keep the energy costs in check.

Graber Solar Shades with 6% to 14% Openness

Graber solar shades with higher openness allow for a greater view through while helping to reduce glare and heat from direct sunlight. These are perfect for any indoor where you are looking for aesthetically pleasing window treatments with effective sun and UV protection. They diffuse the harsh rays of the son and the damaging UV rays and helps protect the floors, furniture and the family members from its harmful effects. They give you complete control over your lighting needs.

Light Filtering Roller Shades

Light filtering Roller Shades are another popular choice for your windows if you are looking to combine UV rays protector, energy insulators and durability all in one shade then these light filtering Roller Shades is the ones for you and your homes. They are also a popular choice for commercial places like offices, hospitals, hotels, etc.
Light Filtering Roller Shades

Blackout Roller Shades

A clear blue cloudless sky where the sun shines down brightly is loved by all. Rain and snow often play a spoilsport to our outdoor plans and activities. But too much of sun that too inside the house can cause problems in more ways than one. They can damage your electronic items, family’s health and even adversely affect the energy efficiency of the house. To control how much sun enters your house you can opt for Blackout Roller Shades which are available in both corded and cordless versions. They help to block out radiant heat of the sun thereby helping put a check on the rising energy bills.
Blackout Roller Shades
Each of the Roller Solar Shades is loaded with rich features and the best choice for your homes if they are exposed to harsh rays of the sun for prolonged periods. They are perfect for warmer regions that experience cruel summers where sun rays stream through the windows unabated. These Roller Solar Shades available in different variants, designs and colors look stunning and help to diffuse the light effectively. The warm soft light that streams through is much cherished and welcomed.

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