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How To Get An Instant Quote For Plantation Shutters

How To Get An Instant Quote For Plantation Shutters

Dressing up your windows and doors has now become a necessity that ties together the aesthetics of any space. Even though home decor plays an important role when it comes to aesthetics, the way doors and windows are structured, painted, stained, etc, also play a role in tying together the entire look of your home. While some people prefer curtains to meet their aesthetic and functional needs, setting up shutters and blinds have now become a growing trend.

Shutters and blinds provide people with the option of allowing light into their space as and when needed. They come in various designs and styles that not only meet functional needs but also ties in the aesthetics of a place together. From a wide variety to choose on the common option that many people choose from are plantation shutters. Apart from being functional and stylish, they also bring comfort to your home space as you prefer with their adjustable nature.

What are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters also known as plantation blinds come with wide louvers. These shutters provide the options of shutting out the lights when needed at the same time allowing your rooms to be filled with bright light when needed. The wide louvers provide the flexibility to allow as much light as needed while accenting almost any type of decor space. It also provides the option of darkening a room as needed.

These types of shutters are more effective in usage as compared to curtains and other forms of coverings. Here are a few benefits of plantation shutters:

• Plantation shutters are an energy-efficient way to set the ambiance of any space. Their heavily insulated design provides various windows a good fit while keeping the temperature indoors perfectly cool or warm.
• Plantation shutters come with classic and durable designs that allow for that look good through the seasons. Its sturdy construction won’t be easily susceptible to rips and tears.
• The sleek and classic look also provides a functional solution when it comes to controlling the amount of light that enters any space.
• For families with little kids, plantation shutters are ideal as they come attached with levers attached to the shutter, making it easy and hassle-free to operate with. No dangling cords that can cause a hazard.
• Plantation shutters are easy to clean and keep dust-free through the days.

Plantation shutters come in varies styles and functions. By knowing the various styles and types of plantation shutters, it will become easy to pick the right one that best complements the home ambiance. Here are a few common types of plantation shutters:

1) Vinyl Plantation Shutters:

These types of shutters are the most cost-effective and sort after plantations shutters. Apart from the cost, based on the material they’re made of they also come in weather-resistant. Some of the common types of vinyl shutters are hollow vinyl (come with hollow frames), structured hollow vinyl, solid vinyl with aluminum insert, etc.
Vinyl Plantation Shutters

2) Composite Plantation Shutters:

These types of shutters are made of engineered wood and wrapped with coating. These sturdy constructions are also weather-resistant based on the material it is made from.
Composite Plantation Shutters

3) Wood Plantation Shutters:

These kinds of shutters are made of wood to give that classic yet glamour’s vibe to any ambiance space. This construction comes in a light yet sturdy design. These can be customized, stained and painted. These shutters help add the quaint country feel to your space.
Wooden Plantation Shutters
Choosing the right plantation shutter depends on various factors like the ambiance of the place, the shape and design of the window or door it needs to be placed on. Another note to keep in mind when it comes to plantation shutters is how to maintain them.

Installing plantation shutters is a long-term commitment making it extremely important to maintain them to keep their classic appeal going. Here are some tips for maintaining them:

• Plantation shutters can collect dust easily based on where they are placed so it is best to lightly dust it once a week or gently vacuum it to keep the dust at bay
• When it comes to cleaning plantation shutters avoid using detergent and liquid cleaners. It is also advised to stick to minimal water usage as well.
• Once a month make sure to do a detailed cleaning at the cervices and not so easily accessible areas.

Investing in blinds and shutters provides so much access and control when it comes to brightening up or dimming down any ambiance. It is important to compare various quotes from various places in order to choose the right ones at the best prices.

At, ZebraBlinds, you can find a wide variety of sizes, shapes, types, and designs to choose from that too all under your budget. Scroll through our various options, select the one you like at a price that also fits you. You can also get an instant quote on plantation shutters that’ll fit your budget, window, and ambiance. Check out the site for immediate pricing or consult our support team for more details on a quote for your shutters. Choose blinds and shutters that give your space an undeniable appeal.

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