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How To Fix Your Stuck In-Door Blinds

How To-Fix Your Stuck In Door Blinds

Are you wondering how to fix stuck in-door blinds? Stuck blinds can be a headache for both residential and commercial establishments such as offices and other corporate environments. This not only ruins the appeal of your doors but also creates obstacles in getting functional benefits. Door blinds are manufactured to prevent the excess sunlight and heat while maintaining the privacy level of your interior. These blinds play a major role in making our daily living easier and simpler. Their attractive design and pleasing look make them the center of attraction, creating an impressive look. Whether you have entryways, patio doors, or French doors, blinds can get stuck for multiple reasons, for example, the lift cords may create hassles, or the presence of dust, dirt, and grime can get the mechanism stuck and make them unable to raise up or lower down. Fixing these issues can be frustrating especially when the blinds do not have any warranty and you are concerned about the repairing cost. But you can fix them easily at home and can make the dressings functional and versatile again. But first, you need to find the root cause of problem, so that you can follow up on the right method.

Disclaimer: Following the below simple guidelines can easily reduce a lot of problems in blinds. But it’s always suggested to check with the manufacturers before you get started. Depending on the blind type and mounting position, the process may vary. And ZebraBlinds is not responsible for any harm caused to your product during the process. Look for the help of the professionals and keep the blinds functional and reliable for a long time.

Different Ways of Fixing Stuck In-Door Blinds

Door Blinds are Stuck Due to Inappropriate Operation, Adjust at 45-degree Angle:

● First, open the slats completely and make sure you do not raise or lower the coverings when the slats are in close position.
● Pull the cords towards the center at a 45-degree angle. And you will hear a sound when the locking mechanism releases.
● Slowly let go the tension on the cord and the blind will begin to lower.
● To raise the blinds, pull the cord towards the center at a 45-degree angle and continue to pull until you reach the desired height.

Note – While pulling the cord, make sure it is close to the slats, and do not pull it away from the blinds.

Blinds are Stuck and Not Lowering, Fix them by Releasing the Pawl:

When pulling the cords to the center of the blinds doesn’t work, then lower the treatments by releasing the pawl which is located at the top. But in this scenario, you have to bring down the blinds from the door.

● Consider removing the blinds from the brackets. Take out the headrails from the bracket and place it on a plain surface.
● Take a flat-bladed screwdriver and put gentle pressure on the stuck pawl to release the lock. Clean the pawls and line them up in the right way.
● Put the blinds back into the brackets and hang them from your door.
● Check for whether they are raising and lowering in an efficient way or not. But if the problem occurs again, then it may be because of faulty cords or other mechanism error, and it’s suggested to replace them.

Lift Cords are Stuck:

Sometimes, you will find that the lift cords are jammed and not operating correctly. In that case, first have a look at the cords and the moveable pins in the cord lock mechanism which is placed inside the headrail of the door blind. Take a screwdriver and shift the pins to release the cords.

How to Protect Your Blinds from Getting Stuck

Door blinds are a one-time investment and that’s why they need to be cared all the time to maintain the smoothness of the functionality. Some good actions like not letting dust create a layer on the blind, not pulling the cord so hard, and keeping the blind cords out of the pets and kids can prevent them from not getting stuck.

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