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How To Troubleshoot And Fix Your Roller Shades

How To Fix Roller Shades

What are Roller Shades?

There is something inherently classy about roller shades. They are extremely versatile and much more than you think them to be. They are elegant, understated beauties that can transform the look of your rooms in a jiffy. Like Roman Shades, Roller Shades are perfect for any room.

Roller shades come with straight simple lines which makes them blend beautifully with the existing decor. They do not hog the limelight and will not distract you from the decor. They help to complement the decor style in an understated manner.

Roller shades are available in a range of fabrics from blackout to light filtering which helps to address your various needs. They help to block out harmful UV rays and glares of the sun, protect your privacy and block out light as and when needed.

They are available in different lift systems like cordless, Smart Pull, continuous loop cords and motorized lift options. Choose the one best suited to your needs. A motorized lift option also allows you to get them automated using a home automation hub.
The cordless version of roller shades makes them pet and child friendly.

Fixing Roller Shades

Roller shades make a perfect choice of window treatment for your homes. However, like all other shades and blinds, there are possibilities of these shades malfunctioning. It is important to identify the issue and then go about solving them to have the shades back to work.

Roller Shades Refuse to Rise

One common problem with roller shades is the inability to raise the blinds. To fix this issue you need to detach the shades from the brackets. Take some pliers if there available and use them to turn the pin on the side with the tension spring. Once you feel some tension, hang the shades back to the windows and check. The shades should be functioning properly.

Roller Shade Refuse to Stay Down

Blinds refusing to stay down pose another problem and are generally caused by a dirty ratchet. Pull the shades up completely. Detach the rolled-up blinds to access the ratchet mechanism. Take a toothpick and use some compressed air to remove any dust or debris which may have collected around the ratchet. Lubricate the ratchet to help the shades work smoothly.

Correcting Spring’s Tension

Roller Shades use a hollow tube with a coiled spring inside for its operation. Sometimes the tension on spring gets affected which can affect the smooth functioning of your roller shades. All you need to do is make some adjustments to these springs and your shades will be fit for operation again.
Tighten Spring Tension
If the roller is too loose you need to tighten the spring’s tension. To do so adhere to the following steps:
• Bring the roller shades down to the half waypoint.
• Detach the shades from the brackets.
• Roll up the window treatment carefully and evenly on the tube.
• Place the roller back to the brackets
• Repeat the steps till you get the right amount of tension to tighten the shades.

Loosen Spring Tension
Sometimes you may find the roller too tight in which case you will need to loosen the spring’s tension. To loosen it, perform the following steps.

• Roll the roller shades all the way up.
• Now detach the rolled-up shades from the brackets.
• Now unroll the treatment to the halfway point by hand.
• Attach the shades back to the brackets.
• Repeat the steps if you feel the tension is not enough for the smooth operation of the roller shades.

Adjusting a fully uncoiled spring in the tube of the shades
If you have a fully uncoiled spring in the tube you need to remove the shades from the brackets.
The treatment needs to be unrolled halfway.
Take pliers to turn the pin on the side of the spring till you can feel some tension. Back off once you get the right amount of tension so that the pawl can get hooked on to the ratchet. Pawl is a latch which allows a one-direction movement.

Releasing a spring locked in the coil

Sometimes the spring can get locked in a coil. To undo this, remove the shades from the brackets. Take pliers, grip the pin and then twist the pin clockwise to help free the pawl. Release it quick to help the coil to unwind. Go about loosening or tightening the spring tension as need following the steps given above.


Roller shades are easy to maintain and fix. Most times the shades can be repaired at home without professional intervention. Sometimes you find that there are repeated issues with the shades and the frequency of problems is increasing. This is a signal that your roller shades are nearing their lifespan and need to be replaced completely. No amount of fixing will help the shades to function trouble-free. It is the time to head out and get your windows a new pair of roller shades.

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