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Roller Shades Not Rolling Up? Here’s How to Fix It

How to Fix Roller Shades

Roller Shades are one thing that you will find in almost every household these days. They are one of the most convenient methods to use on your Windows and protect yourself from sun rays. That said, they can sometimes be unusual to use since they are so different from normal blinds. If you have roller shades in your home, you may have faced the problem of Roller blinds not rolling up.

This is one of the most common problems and is faced by almost anyone using these blinds. There are a specific set of hacks that I believe everyone should know, which will help you to counter this problem and make sure that it does not happen anytime. The major problem occurs because of the fact that roller Blinds run on a specific mechanism. And as they are used almost every day, the mechanism wears out with time. Although after reading the article, you will realize that it is relatively easy to fix them.

One of the major problems that occur is due to the reason that usually the blinds open and close unevenly. If the blinds are tilted by a small degree, they won’t close properly and when this happens a lot of times, it causes a problem in the mechanism. Eventually, the mechanism gets jammed and this is when you face the problem of the blinds not rolling up. One of the indications of this problem is that you can see loose threads on the blinds at one side. This happens particularly because of the friction that the blinds have to face when they are forcibly rubbed against metal or plastic parts. It is very important to fix this particular problem whenever you noticed it because if it is ignored, it can cause further jamming of the roller. Jamming causes harm to the mechanism and could make it completely dysfunctional.

Types of Roller Blinds

It is very important to know the different types of Roller Blinds available in the market. Minute differences exist between the different types, but these differences can give many benefits when you know the details completely. The first and most common one is the spring-operated roller blinds. It has a spring clutch mechanism and they can be used both by a cord or by hand. They are specially designed keeping in mind the protection of children at home and are quite easy to use. I have made sure to provide solutions that apply to all types of Roller blinds as the basic mechanism is quite similar in all of these blinds.
Spring Operated Roller Blinds
The second type of Roller blinds are the ones with side chains. Good quality roller Blinds in this category come with steel chains and the basic mechanism in them is like the mechanism present in spring operated roller blinds. The third type of the gear crank rod operated roller blinds which you might have observed at schools. They are used to provide the motion of the blinds by giving a circular motion to the lever.

The last type of Roller Blinds that I would like to discuss are electrically operated roller blinds. These are used at commercial places and have Motors present in them to provide the circular motion. In case you are facing a problem with electric roller blinds, you must consider getting them fixed by a professional rather than doing it yourself as the mechanism involved is a complex one.
Roller Blinds with Side Chain

The First Solution to the Problem

The first and the easiest solution to the problem is to fix these loose threads. You can easily cut loose threads using Scissors at the edges of the Blinds. You need to make sure that the edges are smooth. This is the first check that you must perform from time to time to make sure that this problem does not arise in the first place. This being a common problem, after fixing it for the first time, you will be able to easily observe rough edges of blinds. This will help you to clear them off every time so that you do not face any problems.

The Second Solution to the Problem

The second solution is the permanent solution to your problem. It will definitely fix the Rolling issue, but it is a rigorous one and it will require some time and effort to do it. For this, you need to separate the blinds from the mounting bracket manually. You need to unclip them carefully so that they do not get damaged and you can remove them to repair. Then you must unroll the blind and Roll It Back on the roller using your hands and not the mechanism. The main thing to focus on while doing it is that they must be rolled accurately in the same alignment as they were when you bought them. The problem happened in the first place due to the change in alignment and by fixing it, you will get the original alignment and the problem will be solved. After doing this you must pull the Blinds back while they are Halfway closed so that you can have a smooth movement.

The change that happens when you to apply this solution is that tension is restored in the springs which are present inside the blind, thus making the blind cord move smoothly. To completely resolve the problem, you must repeat this step several times to get the smooth functioning back. The science behind the fix is that you need to restore the tension levels of the spring due to which the problem has occurred. After performing the fix for three or four times, you will notice a marked change and smooth functioning of the roller blinds.

The Third Solution to the Problem

If you are not able to solve the problem after applying the above two solutions, you did not worry as we have another solution for you. For the third solution, you need to remove the blinds and keep them aside. This time we will be focusing on the mechanism. Obviously, if you do not have a solution after applying the above 2 fixes, the only problem that you have is with the mechanism. There is a headrail mechanism present inside the roller and the most important part of this mechanism is the tension pin on the side. You must begin by unrolling the blind by half and this must be done by hand. After you have done it you need to fix the tension pin by using any tool. The pin needs to be rotated clockwise until you realize that it is in the correct position. You can actually feel the tension while twisting and this is the exact moment when you are supposed to stop. After you stop and remove the tool, you will observe the pin rotating anti-clockwise on its own and it will settle at the proper position. After completing the procedure, you will observe that’s the problem has been fixed and the blinds are working smoothly.

In the end, I would like to conclude by saying that almost all of the problems that you face with roller Blinds can be fixed manually. You must always focus on adjusting the tension in the pin of the roller blinds. Fixing the pin would resolve your problems 90% of the time. You must also replace the cap present over the pin after you have done the adjustments.

Measures to Avoid Problems in the Future

There are certain measures that you must adopt to avoid problems in the future. The rotating parts of the mechanism must be oiled from time to time to make sure that they have smooth movement. Lack of oil in the rotating parts creates friction and this wears out the metal. This is one of the major causes of the parts to stop working. The tension in the pin can change after using it for long periods of time.

Although if you find the technical details too complex, you may prefer giving a call to the manufacturer of your blinds. Most of the roller blinds come with a guarantee you can have free part replacements during the initial years.

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