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How to Fix Mini Blinds – Common Issues

How to Fix Mini Blinds - Common Issues

Mini Blinds Common Problems and How To Fix Them

When it comes to window transformation, there are lots of choices you have to pick from and blinds are one of them. But if you are looking for something reasonable yet versatile and practical, then mini blinds are the ones to go for. They are manufactured to add visual interest to the decor with their assortment of colors, textures, and design choices. Their unique architectural design can change the feel and vibes of your space with their excellence and functional mechanisms. From blocking light to providing insulation, they act efficiently to ensure a smart comfy living style. But sometimes, maintaining smooth functionality can be tedious for various reasons. Though mini blinds are sturdy and require minimal maintenance, just like any other blind they can develop issues over time. Instead of changing them with a new one, always try some helpful quick fixes to retain beauty and functionality. Most common issues can be resolved quickly with few tools and all you have to do is follow the directions in the right manner. Check out the top issues which you may face with your mini window blinds!

Vinyl Mini Blinds

Disclaimer: ZebraBlinds is not responsible for any damage caused from following the DIY methods above. Apart from the above problems, if your covering goes through any other complications, then experts are always there to help you out. And you can always get brand new window blinds if the mini blinds are too cranky or have been broken beyond repair!

Issues and Their Solutions

Broken Slats: If some of the slats of your mini blinds are broken, then no need to replace the whole thing. You can simply change the bent or broken slats with the new one.

  • Remove the bottom rail in order to get the knotted lift cord.
  • Bring out the lift cord out of the mini blind to eliminate the broken slats efficiently.
  • Replace the slats with the new ones.
  • Slide the lift cord through the bottom rail and make sure to tie a knot tightly. Don’t forget to check whether the cord is even or not and the bottom rail hangs straight down.

Shortening Mini Blinds: If your mini blind is too long then it may pose a hazard and also create an unattractive look for your windows. Check out the below steps to shorten them according to your length.

  • Free up the string ladders by removing the bottom rail and expose the knotted lift cord.
  • In this step, take out the bottom rail slats one by one until you reach the desired length.
  • Once you reach the desired height, insert the bottom rail into the last ladder.
  • Cut the extra string ladder which is hanging below the bottom rail.
  • Put the lift cord through the bottom rail and tie a knot.
  • Adjust everything by raising or lowering the blind, making sure they are accessible properly.

Tilt Problems: If the tilt mechanism doesn’t work smoothly, then check out the below simple and quickest ways to fix them.

  • First, take out the blind from the window.
  • Remove the end stiffener at the end of the headrail.
  • Adjust the tilt rod little to free up the tilt mechanism and replace the mechanism with the new one.
  • Now, insert the tilt rod into the new tilt mechanism.
  • Replace the end stiffener.

Slats are Not Lowering:

  • Hold the lift cord and pull it gently. This will release the cord lock.
  • But if the above step doesn’t work, then take out the mini blind from the window first.
  • Locate the cord lock mechanism in the headrail.
  • You will find a pin. Take a screwdriver to release the pin. This will help the slats to automatically lower down.

Though mini blinds are extremely sturdy because of their superior quality materials used during the manufacturing. These are the most popular and common problems that you might face after a few years.

Following the above solutions will not only make your blinds functional again, but also save the cost of a new window blind. But it’s always suggested to check with the professionals before you get started. 

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