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How To Adjust and Care for Cordless Window Roller Shades?

How to Fix Cordless Window Roller Shades

Facing problems with your cordless window roller shades wherein the spring is losing tension or it uncoils? Want to know about cleaning steps that are to be followed for your favorite blinds and shades?

If you are looking for answers to these questions then you have come to the right place. In the following sections, we will be exploring these details in greater depth so that it becomes easier for you to care for your blind and shades.

How to fix your Cordless Window Roller Shades if the spring loses tension or uncoils?

Many corded and cordless window roller shades operate using a hollow tube that has a coiled spring inside. In addition, the material and size of the tube itself can vary, but it is normally made up of aluminum.

Upon closer scrutiny, you will find that there is a free turning pin on one end and this pin directly mounts inside the bracket. On the other end, there is a ratchet as well as the pin that does the job of holding spring tension. When you pull down on the roller, it results in increased tension over the spring which in turn keeps the shade in right place.

Sometimes, it may happen that the spring loses tension or uncoils and consequently will not work as required. In the following sections let us see how to fix these problems.

Problem #1 – Roller Too Lose, Solution: Tighten Spring Tension

By following these five steps you will be able to tighten the spring tension on your cordless roller shade:

Step 1: Pull the cordless window roller shades down to halfway.
Step 2: Take off the roller from the brackets.
Step 3: Roll up cordless roller window shades by hand and work carefully so as to roll the shades evenly over the tube.
Step 4: Put the roller back in brackets.
Step 5: Repeat if necessary until the right tension is achieved.

Problem #2 – Shade Too Tight, Solution: Loosen Spring Tension

Let us see how to loosen spring tension in case the shade is too tight.

Step 1: Roll up the cordless roller window shades.
Step 2: Take the roller out of the brackets.
Step 3: Unroll the cordless roller window shades up to halfway by hand.
Step 4: Replace roller into brackets.
Step 5: Repeat the above steps until you get the right degree of tension.

Problem #3 – A Fully Uncoiled Spring, Solution: Loosen/Tighten Spring Tension

Let us now look at steps you will have to take for adjusting an uncoiled spring.

Step 1: Take out roller from its brackets.
Step 2: Unroll your cordless roller window shades halfway.
Step 3: Utilize pliers for turning the pin on the shade’s spring side until you are able to feel the tension. After reaching the point of tension, let the pin hook back properly with the bracket.
Step 4: Now every time there is a need to tighten or loosen the spring tension, you should follow the above instructions to accomplish the task.

Problem #4 – Spring Locked within Coil, Solution: Loosen/Tighten Spring Tension

Step 1: Take out the roller from its brackets.
Step 2: Utilize pliers for gripping the pin and then twist the pin in a clockwise direction.
Step 3: Now you will be able to easily tighten or loosen spring tension by following the above instructions.
Let us now move onto the topic of how do cordless blinds work so that it becomes easier for you to operate them and avoid above-mentioned problems.

How do Cordless Window Roller Shades and Blinds work?

How do cordless blinds work or how do cordless roller blinds work is a question you should have an answer for since by having the right information you will be able to use them properly and increase their lifespan.

Cordless Roller Shades

Functioning of Cordless Blinds

If we look at functionality, cordless blinds work very similar to how corded ones do.

Nowadays, cordless shades are available that make use of the latest lift and lock technology wherein you can hold down a small button for moving the shades and then you can release the button for locking the shades onto their position.

For those looking for an answer to the question, how do cordless faux wood blinds work, there are new systems available which are outfitted with magnets that are concealed and help the blinds seamlessly move up so that you can utilize effortless cord control.

Similarly, if you want to know about cordless venetian blinds and how they work then most of them comprise of a lift system that is present in their bottom or headrail.

This way it becomes easier to lower or lift them with relative ease. In addition, for some modern blinds, you just have to pull up the bottom rail to raise the shade or pull it down to lower it.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Tips on Taking Proper Care of Cordless Roller Window Shades

You will be able to maintain your cordless roller window shades in top condition by taking proper care of them. As such, we will look at some steps you need to take to clean them in right manner.

Cleaning Roman Shades

How to Clean Roman Shades

When it comes to cleaning Roman shades, you should use a soft dusting brush from your vacuum for removing the dust from the shades by running the vacuum on low suction.

You may do spot cleaning of stains using a cloth that is dipped in a solution consisting of mild dishwashing detergent and water. However, make sure that you are not saturating the material with too much of water. After cleaning is completed you should dry your Roman shades.

Just use the above-mentioned tips to solve the issues and continue using them for several years. In addition, since it is easy to clean and care for them, you will never feel overwhelmed.

However, if you are facing any complex problem then do give us a call on our toll-free number (1-866-881-8682) and experts at Zebra Blinds will be more than happy to help you out in solving the problem.

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