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How to Fix Common Vertical Blinds Problems


Why Vertical Blinds are Popular

Vertical blinds are widely used across homes, offices and other commercial spaces because of their versatile and multi-functional character. Unlike horizontal blinds, these blinds have slats running vertically from top to bottom and open sideways. When open, they stack neatly on both sides of the window or on either left or right side. Vertical blinds are a popular choice for doors and large windows. The sideway opening and closing mechanism of vertical blinds allow easy access to doors and also offer better coverage. Easy to install, clean and maintain, vertical blinds have become a favourite feature of home and commercial space decor. Vertical blinds can be made of a variety of materials like wood, faux wood, fabric, vinyl etc.

Common Problems & Resolutions

Durable and easy maintenance however does not mean that vertical blinds do not have their own share of problems. During their lifetime vertical problems confront a number of functional challenges. These are however common issues and can be taken care of at home with some effort and patience. We have compiled a list of probable issues that you may have to deal with and their respective resolutions.

Damaged Slats

This is a very regular and common problem of vertical blinds. Pets and toddlers can crash into them causing damage to the slats. There can be accidents or over a period of time due to wear and tear slats can get affected. This is easily sorted out. Get in touch with the supplier of your blinds and request replacement slats. Make sure that you provide the right measurements. Once the replacement slats arrive, use a card to slide into the stem. This is the clip that holds the slats and attached to the head rail. Sliding the card will help you to slide the damaged slat out. Take the new slat and push it into the stem. Ensure that the hole is aligned with the stem clip.

Broken Slat Connecting Chain

Most vertical blinds have chains that run along the bottom of the slats, connecting the slats and helping them to move together. Repeated usage over a period of time can cause these chains to wear off and become snagged. It will cause the chain to break. You will need to replace the broken chain with new one. Remove the clips that help to keep the chain attached to the slats. once the chain is replaced clip them back. The chains are sold as per the number of clips. To determine the length of the chains multiply the number of slats by two.

Slats Refuse to Rotate

If your slats refuse to rotate it is an indication that something is wrong with the tilter mechanism. Remove the blinds and lay them on a flat surface to look inside the head rail. If your vertical blind has chain pulley system then check the chain controls mechanism to ensure that the chain hasn’t come off the sprocket wheel. If it has come off then simply loop it back around and your problem will be solved. If you find that some parts of worn out then you will need to replace the tilter mechanism. You can replace the tilter mechanism yourself or have a professional expert to do it for you.

Hard to Open Blinds

If you find the vertical blinds are hard to open and close there could be several reasons for that. Firstly dismount your blinds from the window and check the head rail.

Sometimes your head rail could be very dusty and dirty which can obstruct movement of the blinds. Clean the head rail and check if the blinds are functioning.

To smoothen out the movement of the blinds you could try using a silicone-based lubricant spray.

If none of these work it is possible that the operating cord is frayed or worn out and you will have to restring the blinds. It is advisable to seek help of a professional.

Slats Rotated out of Sync with Others

Sometime you find that one of the slats become misaligned from the rest. it refuses to sync with the others. This you can rectify yourself. Hold the stem and twist it slowly till it clicks back into place. if you find the stem to be too resistant, don’t force as it can cause damage. It is better to seek assistance of a professional to prevent damage to your blinds.

These are some of the more common problems encountered by vertical blinds over a period of time. most of these are not very serious and can be taken care of at home. However if at any point of time you feel lack of confidence, please consult a professional for quick and safe resolution. ZebraBlinds is not liable for any damage caused to your blinds through these DIY steps.

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