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How To Fix Common Horizontal Blinds Issues At Home

How To Fix Common Horizontal Blinds Issues At Home

Fixing Common Issues of Horizontal Window Blinds

When it comes to choosing window blinds, most homeowners adore horizontal blinds as they feature a layout that compact and proper on common windows. Their wide range of style choices and the ability to fit any size and shape of windows make them a great choice in the window fashion market. Their designer appeal allows you to see out while simultaneously keeping your house comfortable and maintaining privacy. Adjusting the slats will control the incoming light, transforming your interior into a relaxing retreat. Though they are functional and extremely versatile, over time these blinds confront multiple issues that may destroy the appeal of these blinds while ruining their smooth operation. Maintaining these blinds can be tedious at times, but can save you the cost of having to replace them. Check out the following common issues with horizontal blinds and the ways of fixing them. These helpful tips and tricks will explain how to make the repairs without any hassle or stress.

Wide Slat Window Blinds

Disclaimer – Following the below solutions for the particular issue can help fix your window blind. But it’s always suggested to check with the professionals or the manufacturer to avoid errors. ZebraBlinds is not responsible for any damage happening during the process.

Problem 1: Have Broken Slats?

  • Remove the entire blind from the window frame and lay it on a smooth surface
  • Eliminate the cord caps which are situated at the lower side of the bottom rail
  • Unthread the lift cords which are running through the slat holes, until you reach the broken slat
  • Now, slide out all the broken/damaged slats, replace them with the new ones, knot the cord, and hang them again on the windows

Problem 2: Blinds are Stuck and Won’t Open or Close

Horizontal blinds come with a mechanism (wand or corded tilt) that allows the slats to tilt open and close as per your requirements. And when the blinds do not open or close properly, first, take off the blind from the window and lie it down on a flat surface to look into the headrail. If the cord lock is jammed, then push a screwdriver to free the lock. But if the issue with the wand or cord, then first locate the corded tilt sits which is situated inside the headrail. You will find wheels around the cords. If some of the strings assembled on either side of the wheel, then move the string back into the wheel and your blinds will efficiently work again.

Problem 3: Shortening Horizontal Blinds

Due to measurement issues or some manufacturing defect, you may end up with oversized horizontal blinds. To bring them to the exact size, you have to shorten them.

  • First, remove the bottom rail and free up the string ladders and expose the knotted lift cords
  • Keep the bottom rail aside and remove the slats one by one until you achieve the desired length
  • Once you get the length, attach the bottom rail back to the position
  • You will find an extra string ladder, hanging below the bottom rail. Cut it using a scissor
  • Press the lift cord through the bottom rail and thread them
  • Raise and lower the blinds to ensure the work efficiency of the blind

Problem 4: Changing the Tilt Mechanism

  • Bring out the blind from the window
  • At the end of the headrail,you will get an end stiffener, remove it
  • Move the tilt rod a little to release the tilt mechanism and replace it with the new
  • Insert the tilt rod into the new tilt mechanism
  • Replace the end stiffener

Horizontal blinds include mini blinds, faux wood blinds, wood blinds, and many more. And if you get any of the above problems, then follow the right instruction and make your blinds operable again. Take the help of the experts if you face any difficulty.