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How to Fix Blinds Without Screws

How To Fix Blinds Without Screws

The Ultimate Guide on Fixing Blinds without Screws

Window blinds are a great addition to our daily living that provides us with ultimate comfort and pleasure. From blocking out the direct daylight to providing privacy, they play a vital role in making safe and comfy home decor. They create a mesmerizing appeal when properly customized and installed. But in order to achieve all these benefits, hanging them properly is essential. Though there are a number of ways available to mount your window blinds but most of the people prefer fixing blinds without any drilling or screws. The reason can be you might not have all the required tools, or you are not aware of how to do it, or your landlord is strict who doesn’t allow holes to be created in the walls. Installing blinds without screws may sound difficult, but it’s not. Following some simple tips will make your job done easier. In this article, we will show you how to hang blinds without the pain of drilling holes or inserting screws!

Screw-free Window Blinds Installation

If you really don’t want to create holes in the wall and don’t want to take the pressure of mounting blinds with screws, then the below ways will definitely help you out –

● Stick Window Blinds:

The easiest and fastest way of attaching window blinds without any screws. This type of blinds works like command strips. The top part of the blinds comes with a line of heavy-duty adhesive which is covered in a protective strip. Before you install them, peel off the protective strip and press the tape inside or outside of the window frame depending on the needs. This type of blinds comes in a number of standard sizes and you can trim them as per your requirements. Be careful while doing this process and follow the instruction manual properly, otherwise, they can ruin the window frame and adjacent walls as well.
Adhesive Blinds
● Magnetic Window Blinds:

If you have a door or window that is made of metal frame, then magnetic blinds are a smart choice because of their unique functionality and reliability. This type of blinds comes with magnets that are secured to the back of the brackets and can easily connect with the metal surface when installed. You don’t have to make a single hole with these blinds. Just hold them near the brackets and they will stick to each other. But make sure to choose strong and high-quality magnets that will last for long without any damage. Opting for cheap quality magnets will ruin the blind material and can even fall off every time you open or close the doors and windows.
Magnetic Blinds
Note – Opting for these procedures not only gets you rid of drilling problems but also ensures the safety and security of your family members by eliminating the hazards of window cords.

Disclaimer: Consult with the professionals to get more ideas and keep your windows protected from any kind of damage. ZebraBlinds takes no liability for any issues while opting for these methods.

● Suspended Rods:
If you are planning to mount fabric blinds without any drilling, then suspended rods are another great choice. They can elevate the look of the windows in a unique way, especially on the well-elevated windows. By hanging the blinds on the rod, it will add a finishing touch to the windows while incorporating your existing decor style.

● Tension Rods:

Tension rod blinds are also a great choice when you don’t want to drill holes on the walls or use screws to fix them. These blinds are installed on a tension rod that is placed inside the window trim. This type of blinds works well on recessed windows that have a space to place the rod. You can choose any of your favorite window blinds for this including roller shades, roman shades, pleated shades, and many more. But while pulling these window shades, make sure not to put too much pressure as it will make your shades fall. You can adjust the rod as per your convenience. You can use the tension rod behind the existing blind as well to maximize the functional efficiency.

Follow the above procedures to fix blinds without any screws. Besides no drilling, these methods narrow down your choices when it comes to choosing the right blinds from a variety of lists. In the same ways, you can hang your curtains as well with a few simple changes. But before you get jumped into any of these following, know the pros and cons of each method that will help you to make a better decision.