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How To Fix Blinds That Won’t Tilt or Turn

How To Fix Blinds That Wont Tilt or Turn

Window accessories are an important part of every home. Windows themselves are an unavoidable part of every home. It is a space that brightens up your entire morning, allows fresh air and sunlight to fill up your space. But it is also a space that reduces our privacy. Some windows are positioned in such areas where privacy cannot be maintained, which is why window accents and window accessories come into play.

Window treatments are essential for any window. This is because they provide certain necessary functionalities. Window accessories, on the other hand, are used to enhance the beauty of the windows. Window treatments have evolved to bring an aesthetic appeal or charm. They have evolved to serve various types of needs while looking at their best. The biggest purpose window treatments serve is of privacy and light control. Drapes, blinds, shades shutters and curtains all help in doing so. With tailored material like curtain and drapes help in deciding the amount of light and privacy once enjoys, whereas window blinds need to be adjusted by length or the panels when it comes to light control and privacy.

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What are Common Problems Faced with Window Blinds?

Often blinds come with panels or slats that help control the minute amount of light that enters your space. Since blinds are mechanical, people often fear that they’re susceptible to wear and tear. Blinds are extremely sturdy regardless of the material they are made of, some sturdier than others. There are certain problems you may be likely to encounter, but they’re fixable. Here are some common problems that are likely to be encountered:

1) Blind panels or slats are stuck. This can happen because the cord lock is jammed. Sometimes you need to gently keep tugging on it so that the lock could release itself. If this does not work then it’s time to take out the toolbox, take the blinds off the window, and investigate the problem, look for the lock on the railing to understand the issue.

2) Sometimes the lower half of the shade may hang unevenly or in a tilted manner. This is a very common problem that many people face. This is likely to occur when there is either tilt in the rod or if there is something wrong with certain clips attached to the blinds.

3) At times due to over operation, the blinds can become noisy. It could because something moves out of position or some of the movable components keep moving against each other to create the sound.

4) The problems may sometimes be specific to the kind of blinds you have because they can surface due to the design, functionality or the construction of the blinds.

How to Fix Blinds That Won’t Turn?

The most important aspect of blinds is the slats or the panels that it has. privacy and control. This is because these aspects provide extra flexibility in terms of privacy and control. If the slats are kept open the people can see in if the slats are tilted, privacy is maintained. The same thing applies to light. If the slats are open it is easy for light to stream through and enter your place and if the slats are closed then you can still enjoy a bit of light and a lot of shade.

The way tilt it (upwards or downwards) modulates the amount of light the amount of privacy a person can experience. A common problem that people often face when it comes to blinds is when the panels won’t turn or rather are not functioning correctly. Here are tips or insights to keep in mind before tackling such problems:

Disclaimer: Please follow these instructions at your own risk. ZebraBlinds takes no liability for any issues or damaged caused through following DIY methods. Since all blinds and shades are different, we always recommend checking with your blind manufacturer or retailer first before making any modifications to your blinds. As well, if you are uncomfortable on your own, look for the help of a professional.

1) Identify the type of operating mechanism you have for your blinds, whether it is a cord or a wand. Depending on this, there are two different ways of fixing slats that won’t turn.
2) You would have to take the blinds off the window and examine the tilt mechanism at the headrail.
3) Depending on the type of operating mechanism the way to correct or adjust the tilt mechanism varies. Depending on the issue you may even need to replace the tilt mechanism rather than just adjusting it.
4) With a wand, its easy to remove the wand and then replace the tilt mechanism whereas, for the cord, you will also need to replace the cord with the tilt mechanism as they often come attached.

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