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How to Fix Blinds That are Hard to Pull Up

How To Fix Blinds That Are Hard To Pull Up

Blinds and other window treatment products make for a classy addition to the household. Not only do these heighten the appeal of your home décor, but they also help keep the environment inside the house comfortable at all times. Normally, the blinds are very easy to use and low on maintenance, but over prolonged use can develop some issues from time to time. The brand warranty will help you get them fixed in without hassle in most cases. However, even if your blinds are out of warranty, you don’t need to worry.

Blinds can be fixed without incurring heavy cost overruns as the components are not that expensive and their operational mechanism is also pretty simple and straightforward. In case your blinds are not covered by brand warranty, you can either avail the services of a technician or you can decide to go ahead and do the repair work yourself. Fixing the blinds is simple and can be done at home with the help of easily available household tools and accessories.

Why do Blinds Get Damaged?

Most of the issues that we encounter with the blinds are due to improper handling or lack of regular maintenance. If you clean the blinds regularly and prevent dirt and grime from settling on the blind slats and the blinds’ mechanism, you can be assured of seamless functionality and great looks that the blinds are known for. Pulling too hard on the pull cord, or improper installation can cause the blinds to get disoriented and in such scenarios also blinds don’t function properly. Sometimes your blinds might not be suited for the job. A wooden blind isn’t ideal for a place with high moisture, such as over a kitchen sink.

There are some simple best practices regarding the use of blinds in the house. If you follow them, you can avoid issues related to the blinds to a large extent. Tugging too forcefully on the pull cord can damage the pull cord or the blind strings and hence you need to be gentle with it

If you have kids or pets in the house, you should consider child proof blinds. This will also minimize the damages. If the pull cord is loose or too long, you should consider shortening it. It can easily be done at home and is highly recommended. While mounting blinds after maintenance, ensure that these are mounted correctly and that the mounting brackets are firmly in place. You should also be more situationally aware. Blinds normally don’t handle moisture well and hence you should not install them in places such as bathrooms or kitchens. These simple practices can help increase the lifecycle of your blinds significantly.

How to Fix Blinds That are Hard to Pull Up

Blinds getting stuck at the top or at the bottom, or the blinds not going up and pulling down smoothly are common issues that we face with the blinds. However, in most cases, it is either due to the dirt accumulation or misalignment of the blinds. Sometimes it can be due to a faulty pull cord too. So, it is advisable to check if the issue is due to one of theses reasons and if these possibilities are ruled out and the blinds still feel hard to pull up, you can consider checking the blinds’ mechanism at the top inside the headrail. Here are a few simple steps to fix the issue of blinds not pulling up smoothly:

Disclaimer: Please follow these instructions at your own risk. ZebraBlinds takes no liability for any issues or damaged caused through following DIY methods. Since all blinds and shades are different, we always recommend checking with your blind manufacturer or retailer first before making any modifications to your blinds. As well, if you are uncomfortable on your own, look for the help of a professional.

For Blinds With a Pull Cord

• Step 1: Raise the blinds upwards using your hands to remove the pressure of their weight on the pull cord. This should release the lock on the pull cord. If that is the issue, doing this should fix the issue, and blinds should pull up normally.
• Step 2: If the issue persists, it will be a good idea to check the blinds’ operational mechanism at the top. Takedown the blinds by removing the headrails from the mounting bracket.
• Step 3: Spread the blinds on a flat surface.
• Step 4: Now check if the pawls at the top are aligned properly.
• Step 5: Take a screwdriver and press on the pawls. This should release the lock and the blinds should be able to stretch fully now.
• Step 6: Clean the pawls and the area around it and align them properly.
• Step 7: Put the blinds back on the mounting brackets.
• Step 8: Pull gently on the cord to check if the blinds go up and down smoothly.
• Step 9: Repeat the previous step a couple of times to ensure that everything works fine and you are good to go.

For Cordless Blinds

For cordless blinds, there is no universal process to follow. Instead of that, there are simple steps specific to the kind of cordless blinds in question. Let us look at how you can fix the issue of blinds not pulling up for some popular types:

Roman Blinds
• Step 1: Pull the blinds as further down as they can
• Step 2: Holding the blinds at an angle, gently tug at the blinds in downward motion a couple of times
• Step 3: After that try pushing the blinds up. Doing this will reset the motor that controls the motion of the blinds
• Step 4: Try lifting the blinds up and getting them down a couple of times to ensure that the blinds move smoothly. If everything works smoothly, then you are good to go.

Horizontal Blinds
• Step 1: Pull the blinds down as further as they go by placing your hands on both the sides of the blinds
• Step 2: Try to lift the blinds slowly while rocking them in a zig-zag motion
• Step 3: Pull the blinds down again
• Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 several times. This should help reset the operational mechanism of the horizontal blinds and should fix the issue.

Roller Blinds
With roller blinds, the issue most probably should be with the roller mechanism that may be preventing the blinds from operating smoothly. Sometimes the tension of the blinds gets loosened and this hampers the smooth functioning of the blinds. To fix it you can follow the following steps:

• Step 1: Remove one end of the blinds from one of the mounting brackets and keep the other end inside the other bracket. This will allow you to spin the blinds.
• Step 2: Spin the blinds several times with the spring installed inside the bracket. This will help re-tension the blinds.
• Step 3: Now put the other end of the blinds back into its mounting bracket
• Step 4: Now that the tension of the blinds is restored, you should be able to lift the blinds up easily
• Step 5: Trying lifting the blinds up and pulling them down a couple of times to check if everything works normally and that’s it
Blinds provide so many practical and tasteful benefits that help create a comfortable atmosphere inside the house while making the décor look elegant and classy. It is only natural that over prolonged usage, some issues may develop that hamper the efficient functioning of the blinds. However, as shown above, you can fix most of the issues without any external help. All you need to do is follow easy steps and keep some basic household tools handy while you are at it.

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