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How To Fix A Roller Blind Clutch

How To Fix A Roller Blind Clutch

Roller blinds are considered to be the simplest way to transform a room and provide the perfect solution for the windows of your house. These blinds are easy to install and give a stylish and elegant look to your house especially with a dark and deep shade. These blinds not only impart a fascinating backdrop to your living area but also filter the sunlight and help to keep the UV rays blocked, to protect your furniture and room from harmful radiation. However, sometimes, roller blinds can function in an irregular manner when they develop malfunction in their clutch. When someone pulls the chain of custom roller blinds in the up or down position for raising or lowering the blinds, it can disturb the spring tension and makes it hard to move the blind. To restore the correct working of blinds, it is necessary for you to know the way of fixing roller blind clutch. You must know it in detail so that the blinds can work properly and give an extraordinary, imperial look to your living place.

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Roller Window Blinds

Useful Tips to Fix A Roller Blind Clutch

Detach the blinds from the wall and pull out the clutch (the part with the chain)

Disclaimer: Please follow these instructions at your own risk. ZebraBlinds takes no liability for any issues or damaged caused through following DIY methods. Since all blinds and shades are different, we always recommend checking with your blind manufacturer or retailer first before making any modifications to your blinds. As well, if you are uncomfortable on your own, look for the help of a professional.

Roller blinds consist of a little pin on the opposite side of the cord. By pushing the pin, it will release the blinds and allow you to pull them off of the mount. After it is done, you can pop the clutch off. This method is appropriate for the blinds which have ball and chain styles of cords. But while doing this, keep it in mind to always use a flat-head screwdriver to pop the clutch of the blinds.

  • Fix the Position of the Chain

According to your need and design of your room, pop out or open the connector from one of the side ends and then pull the chain out to fix the problem of the blinds.

  • Fix the Position of the Clutch

Hold the clutch in such a manner that barrel faces upwards and the base faces downwards of the blinds and slide the chain from the left side of the guard.

  • Press Down the Chain into the Pulley Teeth

Press the chain with full force until the position of the pulley fits into the place.

Rotation of the pulley teeth: Keep rotating the pulley until the tip of the chain reaches the left side of the guard and then put the chain in right place.

Roller Blind Clutch

  • Pop-out the Clutch

Rotate the pulley and grip the chain up to the extent that the chain comes out of the right side of the guard, and then pull down with both the ends dangling out of the clutch.

  • Hang the Blinds in the Position

Firstly, pull the clutch back into the blinds and hang them on the wall.

  • Reassemble the Roller Blinds

Take the chain from the bottom of the roller, bring both ends together, and then fit the connector into it to shut the blinds. One thing that you should be keeping mind is to trim the new cord according to the size of the blinds.

Many a time, problems crop up due to the small parts of the blinds which we generally don’t think about. Here are some points to remember while taking care of custom roller blinds:

  • Most of the time, the clutch is broken so it should be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Another reason is that plastic beads break off from the chain. In this situation, one can replace the whole chain of the blind.
  • The solution to the problem lies in the thorough cleaning of the pawl and lubricant application to the rotating part of the blinds. In fact, to rule out any difficulty, cleaning should be done very carefully.
  • One can also tackle the problem related to the bracket’s positioning. It occurs when brackets are placed too far from one another. So, it may be necessary to re-position them appropriately and timely.
  • Quite often blinds get stuck while rolling up. If such a thing happens then take the cap off to uncover the pin and tighten it by using a plier or replace the cap.

In Conclusion!!

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can sort out the problem of fixing a roller window blind clutch. However, if the problem still persists, consult your manufacturer or a professional for help.