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How to Fix a Curtain String

How to Fix a Curtain String

Pull cord curtains are a favourite among homeowners. Pull cord curtains consist of highly versatile and functional rods. These rods allow smooth and hassle-free opening and closing of large curtains and also aid the easy operation of curtains installed in not-so-accessible areas like behind a sofa or a bed. The cords help to open and close the curtains. However, like all other products in the house, these cords also suffer wear and tear and can sometimes get broken.

Steps to Fix Curtain Strings of Pull Cord Curtains

A broken string does not mean that you have to discard the rods and get them replaced. You can try and get them repaired by yourself. All you need is a little time and patience. Follow the instructions laid out and you can successfully get the strings repaired and working again.

  1. Firstly you need to take the curtains off and remove the rods from the brackets. You will find that the rod has two parts and they meet in the middle. One of these parts has an arm that extends over the other component. This is known as the overlap carrier. The other one is the centre or underlap carrier. When curtains are drawn these two parts meet in the middle of the rod.
  2. Take a look at the pulleys located at the end of the rod. On either end, there are two pulleys. One is located at the top of the rod and the other is situated close to the outside edge of the rod. One pulley is below the first pulley and more towards the centre of the rod. There is also a cord channel located on the window side of the rod and through this channel the pin carriers and cords travel.
  3. Lay down the rod and cord channel on a flat surface. We will offer instructions based on the assumption that the overlap carrier is located on the left side. In case the overlap carrier is located on the right then you need to reverse the cording directions we will discuss below.
  4. Take the old cord out and place it next to the new cord. Cut the cord of the same length and add 8 inches to it. If you find that the cord is missing then the length of your new cord will be equal to twice the width of the curtain rod and twice the length of the draw cord. Draw cord is the long loop that hangs down along the side of the drapes. Add an extra 8 inches to your measurement. Take some clear tape and wrap it around the end of the cord to help it thread through the cord channel.
  5. Take a paper clip and unbend it to create a small hook or take a small crochet hook of the size 1mm or less.
  6. Feed one end of the cord up the outside edge of the top pulley on the left end of the rod. Allow it to roll over the pulley and out into the cord channel. Take your threading tool and use it to move the cord through the channel underpin carriers to the overlap carrier. You will find two holes in the overlap carrier that is parallel to the track channel. Use your threading tool again to pull the cord up from the channel onto the surface. Use a binder clip to clamp the end of the cord. The cord must be secure inside the clip.
  7. Take the remaining end of the cord loop and then insert it in the space between the two pulleys at the left end of the cord. This is the side that has the cord loop. Keep the loops of the cord dangling from the pulleys. Take your feeding tool with which you are feeding the cord through, to move the end over the top of the right-hand pulley and into the track channel, under the pin carriers and the centre carrier on the left. You will have two small holes on the underlap carrier as well. Bring the cord through and up the left-hand hole. Now feed this cord down the right-hand hole and then into the channel.
  8. Now roll the cord over the top outside pulley, down the outside edge and then again up between the two pulleys. Put the cord over the left pulley and ensure that the cord is secured firmly around the pulleys on this particular side of the cord. Put the cord into the channel and again under the in carriers towards the centre.
  9. Now it is time to pass the cord under the right-hand carrier, up through the right-hand hole located behind the overlap carrier. Take the binder clip off and attach the two cords to a tight knot. Keeping 1 inch of the cord, cut the remaining excess cord.
  10. By moving the overlap and underlap carriers remove all slack from the cords in the channel and allow them to meet at the centre.
  11. Place the rods back onto the brackets and then hang the drapes.

The broken string is successfully mended. You can now operate the pull cord curtain without any hitch. While this job is doable at home, if you are not sure, ask for professional assistance. ZebraBlinds takes no liability for any issues or damages caused through following DIY methods.

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