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How to Fix a Blind Inside a Door

How To Fix A Blind Inside A Door

What are Integrated Blinds?

Blinds are a popular window treatment for windows and doors. They do an admirable job of keeping your homes safe, secured and comfortable. They help control your temperatures, prevent energy loss, and do not allow your privacy to get compromised. They perform multiple functions for your homes and in addition impart elegance and beauty to the rooms and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the windows.

There are different types of blinds with different fits and mounting styles. You have heard about inside and outside mount blinds that are mounted inside or outside the window frame depending upon the depth of the windows and the purpose they are meant to serve. There is another popular type of blind known as Integrated Blinds. These blinds, unlike the ones we have seen so far, are embedded inside the dual glass panes. Every glass door or windows have two panes of glass and there is a gap between these two panes. Integrated blinds are sealed inside this gap. So how do they operate? The blinds that are installed outside glass panes are either corded or cordless. Corded blinds are raised and lowered with the help of cords. Cordless ones have a button at the bottom of the blinds which allows you to operate them. Motorized shades come with remotes while the smart motorized blinds can be operated from your Smartphones and tabs. The integrated blinds follow a different mechanism. There is a device that is located on the frame. Moving this device up and down allows you to lower and raise the blinds.
Glass Door Blinds

Advantages of Integrated Blinds

Integrated blinds are quite popular among homeowners and one of the primary reasons is the little maintenance and cleaning that they need. Being sealed within the glass panes protects them from dust and stains. They also offer greater protection against the sun’s rays. Integrated blinds are easy to install and can even be retrofitted into existing doors and windows. Integrated blinds are in particular a popular choice for doors as they make opening and closing doors easy and hassle-free. So they are more common indoors than windows. They make a truly stylish choice.

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Built-in Door Blinds

Repairing the Built-in-Blinds

A very relevant question that arises, however, is how to repair or fix these blinds if they start malfunctioning. For other blinds that are installed outside the window panes, you have easy access to the blinds. You can go ahead and change the cord, remove the damaged slat and replace them with a good one. These can be done with ease. But integrated blinds are sealed inside the glass so access is not possible. You can be at your wit’s end when you find one of these not functioning well. You can’t reach the inner mechanism of the blinds without breaking the door which is not a feasible option.

In most instances, you find that the operative device that helps to raise and lower the blinds located outside on the frame is not working. These glass blinds operate through the use of magnets. The magnets are engaged when you slide the operative device. When you move the device down the track, the blinds are raised while moving the device upwards will help lower the blinds. If these magnets get disengaged the blinds will refuse to work. So in most cases, the way to fix it would be to re-engage the magnets. To do this, make sure that your operator is at the bottom and then slowly move it up the track. You will face resistance. Continue to move it up along the track and then push it up to lock it into place. There will be a ‘click’ sound.

You can even take the operative device out by tilting it out of the track. There are two pieces of metals inside the track of the frame and the magnets touch these both. Insert the magnet back to the track and try to locate the two pieces of metal. Place the device back to the frame and slowly run it along with the frame. Listen out for the little ‘click’ sound. The click is an indicator that the device has found one metal piece. Move it along to detect the second metal piece. After the second ‘click’ sound move the device up and down and you will see your blinds starting to move inside the glass pane evenly and effectively. You have managed to re-engage the magnets. Continue moving the magnet up and down for some time to ensure that the blinds are working well. The blinds are now operational. It is a simple fix for a frustrating problem. No need for professional intervention.

Your integrated or built-in blinds are ready to function like new blinds. For extreme cases, the glass frames need to be removed and blinds taken out for repair. In most cases, however, the steps shown above works to get your blinds functional.

18 thoughts on “How to Fix a Blind Inside a Door

  1. My slide thing is stuck down. I got it to go open and down a couple times (before I watched your tube) and now it won’t even budge. Did I completely ruin it?

    1. did you ever get a fix for this? i am having the same issue with one side not working. i can re-engage the magnets but going back down, one side stops and then they disengage every time.

    1. For something like that you would need to reach out to the manufacturer or retailer for support unfortunatley. If it’s any of our products please reach out to our support team.

  2. What happens if the line breaks that lifts the blind inside the glass? Is that fixable or a full unit replacement?

  3. Is there a way to lubricate the outside slider? Mine opens/closes the blinds inside but it seems tight/sticky. I see some small black streaks on the surface too which I’m not sure if is some tyoe of internal lubricant. Would it hurt to use a type of silicone?? Or other lubricant to make it operate faster and smoother?

  4. I have in the door blinds and they go up and down fine and in one direction the blades are all turned the same direction. When I go to raise the blinds part of them don’t change and they get gaps, when I go back the other way they straighten out perfectly.

  5. My door with inside blind is brand new but I noticed it is not 100% level. The blind is at a slight angle. Is there a way to fix this without trading the door out?

  6. Do you have information on how to fix the “TILT” feature? My blinds inside the door go up and down but the TILT feature does not work on the left side. Any way to fix it without replace the whole side or entire door?

  7. I would also like information on how to fix the tilt feature. My blinds inside the door are going up and down fine now that I reset them. But I cannot find any information on how to fix the tilt feature. Please Help!

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