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How to Fit Blinds in a Bay Window?

How to Fit Blinds in a Bay Window

What are Bay Windows?

Our daily lives have their ups and downs, full of moments of excitement and love, but sometimes we have moments where we need a quiet moment to ourselves. It is in moments like these that you need to find that sheltered bay for yourself where you can seek recluse. This is what a bay window does. They give you those precious quiet moments that are essential for your sanity. A bay window can be defined as a window space that juts out of the main walls of a building. From the outside, they appear like expansions that are growing out of the house but from inside they appear like small inlets that are separated from the main space of the house. A small space connected to your surroundings – inside and out – yet isolated at the same time, perfect for thinking, reading, and relaxing.
Bay Window Treatments

Advantages of Bay Windows

Bay windows help to increase the surface area of a wall and allow more natural light to pour in. They are real beauties and look gorgeous. They make rooms look larger too thanks to the extension. There are different styles of bay windows like box bay windows, bow bay windows, and circle bay windows. While bay windows make a rather stunning addition to your homes, it gets more interesting when you try to dress them up. There are loads of options before you.

Types of Bay Windows

You can use Roman blinds, the all-time favorite and versatile window treatment. Solar blinds are just as beautiful and they fit bay windows perfectly. Vertical blinds are perfect if you are looking at privacy and light control for your bay windows because while they are amazing, bay windows can allow a lot of light into the room and also compromise your privacy. Woven window shades are the all-time elegant and classy choice for bay windows. Finally, we have wood shutters that make the perfect fit for the bay windows. Pick any one of these up and you are ready to present your bay windows before the world. The challenge is not trying to find that treatment for your bay windows but in installing and fitting these blinds to your windows.
Cellular Shades for Bay Windows

Steps to Fit Blinds on your Bay Windows

It is important to understand that bay windows come in different styles and window treatment fitting will be different for each of them.

If you are trying to inside mount blinds for your bay windows then you need to keep track of the following:
1. Be aware of the headrail projection for your style of bay window. These will be different for Roller, Roman, Venetian, and wood Venetian blinds and also depend upon the slat size.
2. Measure the depth of any projections in the bay like vents, handles and make a note of them.
3. If each window is under the same inside mount opening, make sure that your headrails do not bump into each other where you plan to mount them. Mark the headrail space of your middle blind so that you have an idea of how much space is left for the sides.
4. Repeat these same steps for the blinds that will now be fitted on both sides of the bay.

If you are trying to fit outside mount blinds to a bay window keep in mind the following:
1. Protrusions like air vents and window handles are generally set back from the walls and hence they need not be taken into consideration.
2. Ensure that the blinds can clear any obstructions before you fit them and if there are any obstructions then you use a batten which will provide the extra space that is required.
3. For the areas that the shades would meet at an angle, make sure that the headrails have enough space so that they do not bump into each other. More information below:

Bay windows can be 3 sided or 5 sided windows. To fit your blinds on these windows you do the following:
1. You need to create a measuring guide to make measuring your bay windows correctly. You can use cardboard cutouts to create your guide.
2. First, you will need to measure and consider obstructions like vents and window handles. These are the obstructions that the blind will need to clear when they are fitted in the bay window.
3. You will then refer to the headrail chart to see the depth of the headrail of the blinds that you have chosen. This is because it will be different for aluminum blinds, Roman, roller and wooden blinds.
4. Add these two measurements. Create two cardboard cut-outs. Place them in one of the angles of your 3 or 5 sided bay window in a way that the cardboard tips touch.
5. Mark the point where the tips touch.
6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 for all the angles of your bay window. 3-sided bay window will have 2 angles and 5-sided bay window will have 4 angles.
7. These marks that you make are where you will have to position your blinds.
Measuring Bay Windows

Blind Fitting Kit

Now that you know how to measure and fit your blinds, let us see what you will need to fit them.
• Measuring tape
• Pencil
• Screwdriver
• Steps or ladder
• Electric or cordless drill
• Level
Bay windows are fascinating for your rooms. They can add charm to any home décor. You need to find the right shades for them and ensure that they make a good and neat fit on your bay windows. we hope that the above measures will help you in your effort to measure and install blinds for your bay windows.