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How to Fit Blinds in a Bay Window?

How To Fit Blinds In A Bay Window

Home decor these days are all about style, comfort, and functionality. While certain home decor components are used purely for visual appeal, many furniture and home decor are bought for their multiple functionalities. Everything arranged together has to give an aesthetic appeal at the same time be value for money. Even the most mundane and least thought of time often can make a difference. One element that subconsciously appeals to a wide range of people is how your window spaces are decorated, how bright is your space, and how the type and location of the window add to the cohesive look of your home. Window and window accents come in various styles. You can opt for a very traditional Victorian window with Victorian-looking window accents, or go for something more modern. Windows can introduce minimalist style, provide a view of the outside world while still giving you that much need privacy. A popular window form that people love having at their place and love decorating are bay windows.

What is a Bay Window?

Everyone loves having a cozy nook where they can sit back and relax. Bay windows are structures that promote this feeling. They’re perfect for rooms like the living room, the master bedroom, the guest bedroom or even the kid’s nursery, playroom and bedroom. It’s a quaint space that gives you unlimited possibilities to decorate in whichever style you like.

These are window structures that protrude outwards from the house. They provide space where your imagination can seem limitless. You can introduce a comfy chair or a small swing. You can even nurture some small potted plants, add some fairy lights have it glow even during night times.  Their naming is very similar to their construction and functionality. Its self-explanatory name emerges from that bay (water bodies) actually are.  They are large spaces where a body of water connects with another body of water like an ocean or a lake. Sometimes it washes up against the land that is curved inwards – much like bay windows.

When it comes to bay window treatments, people often get stumped, they don’t believe there are any options. Having a well-dressed window can speak volumes of your decor style. Apart from curtains, drapes bay windows can also be fitted with blinds, shades or shutters of your choice. Blinds provide much more flexibility in filtering in light and operation, making it the ideal choice for bay windows.

Woven Shades for Bay Window

What to Keep in Mind for Fitting Blinds Perfectly on Bay Windows?

Your bay window is an extremely unique space that is filled with decorative potential. Choosing the right window accents becomes an imperative task. There are a lot of things to consider like choosing what will best accent the rest of your home’s space, what kind of theme you are going for, etc. While people do choose some elegant, classy or minimalistic looking drapery, shades, shutters are blinds also pose to be a great option. But a question that many people get stumped with is – how to fit blinds in a bay window? While it is extremely technical, here are certain things to keep in mind to ensure that your blinds give your bay window the perfect fit.

1) Measurements speak volumes, this is especially true when you want your blinds to give cohesive looks. You’ll need to take into account the various curves and angles the bay window has for a better fit. This will give you a better idea if you need to get custom made blinds or if you can pick from the array of choices already available. It is important to get the measurements right so measure them at least two to three times!

Roller Shades for Bay Window

2) Research, Research, and more research! Choosing the right fittings is all about reading up on all the present options you can pick from. This holds true in terms of style, functionality, design, size, length, and fabric it is made from. The internet is a valuable place for you to scroll, browse and uncover a lot of information when it comes to blinds.

3) Bay windows are known for the amount of natural light they let in the space. The essence of having a bay window is to enjoy the sight and feel of the outside world while still being in your home all comfy and cozy. The kind of windows accent you choose needs to match this as well. It needs to be light in construction, filter in the light rather than block it out completely. It has to also be pleasing for the eyes, therefore choose the best one that appeals to most of your senses. For an insulated appeal you can try pleated blinds or blinds that are fully layered.

4) Fabric confusion? Most people don’t know this but the kind of fabric that blinds are made of is an important choice to make. Based on the room that they’ll be fitted in the right choice has to be made. You’ll need something light, reflective and anti-glare for a living room space whereas you’ll need something extra insulated for a bedroom space. This functional aspect will only be satisfied when you choose the right fabric.