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How To Fit A Roller Blind Inside A Window


What Makes A Good Roller Blind?

Blinds are some of the most preferred window coverings in the market. This is mainly attributed to their ability to block or filter sunlight, privacy features and also their capabilities when it comes to insulation and heat deflection. They also tap into the aesthetic potential of any home by fitting in seamlessly (by either matching or contrasting) with the interior décor of any home.

Choosing what type of window blinds, you would want for your home can be a difficult and cumbersome decision given the fact that there are so many options to pick from. Blinds differ from each other on the basis of structural design (like vertical blinds vs horizontal blinds), colour schemes, patterns and control mechanism. Some people choose their blinds based on their priorities. For instance, if you feel that blocking harsh sunlight and darkening rooms is your primary objective, then you can choose blackout blinds. On the other hand, if energy efficiency and temperature control is what you desire, then cellular blinds are a good option.

If people want a bit of everything and do not know what to choose, it is time to revisit the dependable and simpler blinds that can give people exactly what they want. In this case, it is the roller blind. Roller blinds usually have slats or fabric that are tucked into a roller and drawn up and down to cover up windows. The mechanism is simple, effective and resourceful, making it one of the most used blinds by consumers. They come in different shades to enable better light control and is always attributed to giving off a comfortable vibe in a home.

In this article, focus will be drawn on the advantages of roller blinds and how you can fix them by yourself without having to seek professional installation.

What are the advantages of roller blinds?

  • Ease of Use – One of the main reasons why roller blinds are so popular is their ease of operation. They usually come with cords and springs, ensuring that all you need to do is to tug at them when you want to close them or draw them open. Nowadays, they come in motorised forms which can be controlled remotely. Smart blinds that can be activated and used with the help of voice commanding features are also becoming interestingly popular.
  • Light control – Roller blinds give you the ability to control how much light you want in your room. If you want maximum sunlight in your room you can turn the blinds all the way up. If you want to block it out completely you can draw it down to its fullest extent. If you want to only partially illuminate your room, you can keep the blinds half-drawn. You can even keep them just slightly open or slightly closed depending on how much light you want. The point is that you are in control of how much light enters the room.
  • Affordable and attractive – Roller blinds are simple and sophisticated. They add a beautiful grace and charm to your room without making it look like you are trying too hard. They also come at very reasonable prices. The added benefit is that they are quite easy to install and you can do it yourself, saving on any cost you might incur on installation. You can experiment with patterns and colours and decide what goes well with the color of your walls, furniture and interior décor.

Other Factors for Consideration

Roller blinds, on account of their design and versatility, fit seamlessly with almost any type of windows and homes. They are sleek and smart in appearance which makes them a perfect choice for contemporary minimalist homes.

However, there might be a few things that you need to be aware of before you buy them. Firstly, the only time they don’t work well on a window is if the window is too narrow. The size of roller blinds when juxtaposed to a narrow window can be awkward, thus, losing out on a degree of elegance. This means that it is important to measure your windows and take a call before you buy roller blinds.

You must also make sure that the fabric of the roller blinds can withstand the high moisture content of rooms like bathrooms and kitchens.

Installing Roller Blinds

It is fair that these blinds are quite easy to install. You will, however, be required to follow a sequence of steps in order to make sure your installation sits just right.

  1. Start off by choosing where you want your installation point to be. It depends on how much space you have. Depending on that, you have three options. You can hand the blinds over your window frame or on the wall (over the window frame). You can also hang them from the ceiling (assuming the windows are close to the ceiling).
  2. Before you move further, you must make sure that there are no restricting materials on the windows. For instance, the window might have protruding parts such as window handles which can hinder the blinds from being rolled down to its full extent. If there are obstacles, you might want to consider hanging the blinds in a way that the fabric unrolls from the front.
  3. If you have decided to hang the blind from within the window frame, you should measure the width of the blinds. You must also add about 4 to 5mm on each side in order to account for the brackets easily.
  4. Once you’ve ticked off all the prior steps you can fit the brackets into the window frames. Determine the position of the first bracket and mark it with a pencil. Drill into the frame with a thin drill bit and fasten the first bracket into the hole. Now tighten the screws to the bracket. Once this is done, make sure the spirit is horizontal before drilling into the frame for the second bracket.
  5. All that is left to do, is to fasten the roller into one side of the bracket and then adjust the roller accordingly to fit it into the second bracket.


With the help of the steps mentioned above, you will have successfully hung up your roller blinds. It might help if you also looked up a video or two online to get a better picture of the process. Ensure that you are very precise of your measurements.

You can even use your own fabric at times to make your roller blinds. It is important that you clean them once in a while to prevent accumulation of dust. These blinds can add a lot of elegance to your home, making them perfect choices to be your window treatment.

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