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How To Ensure Your Corded Honeycomb Blinds Are Safe For Children


Blinds as window treatments

Blinds are arguably the most comprehensive window treatments in the market. People usually get window treatments for a bunch of reasons. They help to address a variety of concerns like privacy, light blockage, insulation, prevention of heat gain and loss etc.

There are different types of blinds in the market and each of them boast of features that help to make your home more beautiful and well protected. Among them honeycomb blinds deserve a special mention.

The usefulness of honeycomb blinds

Honeycomb blinds are amongst the most prevalent kinds of blinds in the market today. They have achieved a reputation not only because of the value added to your interior décor as an aesthetically pleasing window covering but also because of their ability to regulate temperature.

As iterated before, windows are not the best insulators of heat, they pass through easily, making the inside of a home warm very quickly. This is where honeycomb blinds come in. Honeycomb blinds have tiny cell-like structures or honeycomb-like structures (which is why they are also called cellular shades). These structures are basically pockets that trap the warm air entering your home. The warm air cannot gain easy access to the relatively cooler air in your home. This slows down the rate at which the temperature inside your home rises. During winters, the process is mirrored in a way that warm air from inside your home is prevented from escaping.

You can go for the single celled honeycomb blinds or the double celled honeycomb blinds depending on how much insulation you want. Remember, that the higher the cell count, the better the insulation.

The advantage garnered from honeycomb blinds isn’t just that they have more than admirable insulation capabilities, but it is also the fact that they are energy efficient window treatments because of this. The reliance you place on your air conditioning and thermostat will reduce, resulting in the amount of money you pay for utilities to decrease over time.

Honeycomb shades are quite adept at giving you multiple light control options and giving you the privacy that you need. The bottom line is that honeycomb blinds are a worthy investment.

Certain issues with corded honeycomb blinds

Honeycomb blinds do not have many faults or aspects that people might consider disadvantageous. However, some problems can arise with honeycomb blinds that come with a cord as a part of their control mechanism. Although there are cordless honeycomb blinds, the corded ones are easy to control and are one of the first types of control mechanisms to hit the market. People usually associated honeycomb blinds with corded mechanism, which is why they are still prevalent to this day.

The issue being discussed here is strangulation. Long cords or cords that end in a loop can be quite harmful to toddlers. A playful and curious child is always at risk when he or she can reach a long cord. It is not just the fact that it can cause serious problems to children, it is also the fact that it isn’t a threat that even the most safety conscious parents know about. Unfortunately, cases of strangulation are not so uncommon that you can rule them out as a remote possibility.

It is also important to know that corded blinds don’t pose such a threat only to children, but pets too. Even if you have neither of them in your home, you might want to find a solution to such a looming threat in case you entertain guests at home.

How can I childproof my corded honeycomb blinds?

Even though this is an issue that requires your immediate attention, there isn’t any reason to hastily replace your corded honeycomb blinds. Blind replacement involves a lot of expense. If they are working really well for you and you just cannot find it in you to replace them, you need not worry. There are a few things you can do to make sure no child or pet is harmed by the cords of your honeycomb blinds –

  • Tucking your cords up higher – If a crawling kid cannot reach the cords, there is still a chance that the child can reach it by climbing onto furniture. Try, as far as possible, to make sure the bed or furniture isn’t so close as to make the cord reachable for the child. As an added measure, start tucking up the cords as high as possible, in a position that is comfortable for you to use the blinds as well. For this purpose, you can use cord cleats. You will find them in hardware stores or from your blinds and shades manufacturers. These cleats need to be screwed into a place that is high up, away from the reach of the children. The cord is then winded up in these cleats, so they no longer dangle along the sides of the windows.
  • Cutting the loops of the cords – Looped cords are an added risk because they can form a noose for the child to get strangled with. Most blinds do not need looped cords to function. They can do just as well with a cord on each side. Just to make sure that you don’t need looped cords for your blinds. Check with your manufacturer or retailer to figure out how important the loops are. Once you’ve decided that you want to cut the loops out, cut both the cords just above the tassel. Now, you must remove the equalizer and put a new tassel on each cord.

Honeycomb blinds are very useful. They remain one of the best window treatment products in the market today. Just remember that if you are getting corded honeycomb blinds, you must take all precautionary measures regardless of whether or not there are children and pets in your home. If you want to avoid any sort of risk altogether, you can go for child proof blinds. You can even get motorised ones that you can control remotely. Some of them even come with a voice command feature.

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