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My Blinds Fell Down! How To Ensure Secure Mounting and Brackets

My Blinds Fell Down! How To Ensure Secure Mounting and Brackets

How To Fix Blinds That Are Falling Down?

There is no doubt that window blinds have made our lives easier and more luxurious by providing multiple aesthetical and functional values. From keeping the indoors comfy and relaxing to creating a fashion statement for your decor, they play a significant role. Most of the window treatments are amazingly durable and require minimal maintenance. Still, like every household item, your blinds may not always work smoothly and easily, and exactly the way you want. They may even get stuck while operating them. Blinds falling and refusing to stay up is one of the common issues you will find in both new and old blinds. Instead of ripping them off from the window frame, you can always opt for some quick fixes. Most of the problems can be repaired at home without any hassle, without having any tech knowledge, and rarely they will require any tool. Based on the blind type and mounting procedure, there can be different reasons why your window blinds are falling down, and ensuring secure mounting and brackets will make your blinds operational like a new one. Read on to know more!

Common Issues and Fixing Solutions

  • Wrong Installation of Brackets? Fix Them

If you notice that your blinds fell down, then it might be because of incorrect installation of mounting brackets. If the brackets are placed far away from each other, then the blind might be loose and can easily come down. But no worry as you can secure them at home. If the brackets are placed outside the window frame, then use a hammer to make the brackets tilt to the inside. And if the brackets are fitted inside the window frame, then take off the blinds down, unscrew the brackets, and use cardboard under it to shim it a little bit closer. Do this for both the brackets and you will find the blind feels tighter and more secured.

  • Mounting Problems? Check Out the Below Key Factors

This issue can include various things like wrong cord size, the problem with cord lock, or loose springs. Go through these issues once and if you find any, then fix them immediately.

Wrong Cord Size – Standard window blinds come with a lift cord mechanism that allows raising and lowering of your window blinds but a single fault can ruin the complete operation. If you have a blind with wrong cord size, then it can be because of wrong measurements or due to some error from the manufacturer’s end. So, it’s always recommended to get the right cord before you install them on the windows. However, after installation, if you feel that the cord sizes are wrong and because of that your blind falls down, then replace the cord. For this task, take down the blinds, take pliers to take off the bottom rail, and you will find the cord end. Use a scissor to cut off the knot and pull the cord out. Slide the new cord and secure them using the washers. Place the bottom rail back into the position and knot the string into the cord lock.

Check the Cord Lock System – Make sure that the lift cord (not twisted, run straight, and not tangled), roller pin (moving up and down smoothly), and tape roll supports are working fine.

Having Faulty Springs Can Make a Blind Fall Down – Sometimes loose springs can make the blind fall down. Take out the blind from the bracket and use your hand to manually raise and lower the covering up to half or to the full length. Keep the blind back into the position and check whether it is working efficiently or not. But if this doesn’t work, then bring down the blind and use pliers to twist the pin which is located at the end of the blind. This will release the spring and your blind will work again without any complication.

These are the common issues that you will find with your blind that will make the treatment fall down. Choosing the right method will ensure secure mounting and brackets. You may confront some other issues too and that’s why it’s always recommended to consult with the professionals once to maintain the functional smoothness of your blind because ZebraBlinds is not responsible for any further damage. The experts are always ready to guide you with the right solutions!