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How to Enjoy Optimum Privacy with Blinds

Which Way Should You Turn-Tilt Your Blinds For Privacy

Privacy plays a key and pivotal role in the current world. Right from our digital devices to home spaces, privacy is required and is expected to be respected from one other. When it comes to architectural structures like homes or hotels, extra measures are taken to maintain privacy as such places are filled with people. But home spaces also warrant privacy. After a long and stressful day or a week, everyone wants to come back to the comfort of their home and enjoy some privacy as they unwind. It’s very difficult to unwind when people have a view indoors – which is where window treatments come into the picture.

When it comes to picking the right window treatment, privacy plays an extremely important role. This is because window treatments are primarily also bought to provide privacy. It is very difficult for people to function when others can peak indoors and hence for those moments, all you need to do is let down your window treatment and enjoy your space with your loved ones. When it comes to choosing in window accents each type of treatment has its unique way of privacy the privacy you’re looking for.

Are Blinds a Good Option to Get Privacy at Home?

When it comes to giving your space the right amount of privacy, a million thoughts or queries would be racing through your head. What are all the options available? Which to pick? Will they go with the already existing decor of the house? How much control over privacy would you have? While choosing the right window treatment for your space is important, it is important to understand that blinds provide the dual feature of flexibility and privacy. If you’re trying to secure your space with maximum privacy then window blinds, privacy shades and shutters are a good choice. Here are a few reasons why you should consider blinds for privacy.

• Blinds sport a unique design that comes with slats. They are the vertical or horizontal panels that can be adjusted according to your preferences.
• Depending on how the slats are adjusted they can allow you to enjoy the natural light outdoors while still having your privacy. The slats act as in hindrance if people are trying to peek indoors.
• Blinds also are adjustable in length. You can let the blinds fully or partially down, adjust the slats to enjoy that much-needed privacy.
• If you’re looking for something without panels and want to enjoy a bit of privacy then cellular shades and roller blinds are other options for you as well.
Wide Slat Window Blinds

Do Blinds Come with Different Types of Slats?

Window blinds are uniquely defined by their slates. These are just panels that help in filtering the amount of light that’s let in or the view of the outdoor. But blinds come in various designs and styles, these ultimately show a bit of variation in how the slats appear to be. There are different types of slats – they vary in size and orientation.

Slats by Size:

When it comes to differentiating slats based on their size, they are of two distinct types.

• Wide Slats: Many blinds through the course of history come with slats or wide louvers so that they can be adjusted with great ease while also enabling circulation. A common example of this design is plantation shutters.

• Narrow Slats: These are commonly seen in Aluminum Mini Blinds. Narrow slates help in providing more privacy as well as circulation when adjusted accordingly.

Slats by Orientation:

When it comes to the orientation of slates there are two distinct classifications.

• Horizontal: This is when the slats are arranged horizontally to one another. Commonly used in very popular blinds too.

• Vertical: This is when the slats are arranged in a vertical orientation. These types of blinds are popularly known as vertical blinds.
Wooden Vertical Blinds for Doors

How to Adjust the Slats for Optimum Privacy?

To enjoy the highest level of privacy, adjusting the slats plays an important role. Apart from adjusting the height, all you need to do is adjust the slates in a particular direction. But a common doubt that people face is – which way should you turn your blinds for privacy? Turning the blinds upward or downwards is depends on your preference in terms of the amount of light you would like to enjoy. Here’s a way of uncovering in which direction to tilt those slats:

• When you turn the slats of the blinds upward it allows for more light to enter your space while also enjoying privacy – though most people don’t opt for this as it’s not aesthetically appealing.
• Turning the blinds downwards brings a more cohesive look and feel to space. But by doing this you can block out light and enjoy privacy at the same time.
• You can even make your home space a bit for energy-efficient based on how the slats are tilted. If you tilt them outwards it’s optimum for keeping out heat during the summer and if you face the inward during winter it’ll help in preventing cool air for accumulating in the space.