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How to Dust Blinds Quickly and Easily

How to Dust Blinds Quickly and Easily

Homes inevitably have windows and windows need window treatment both for aesthetics and functionality. Blinds are one of the most popular window dressings in the world and are loved by people globally. Blinds are easy to use and are easy on the eye too. Most users prefer blinds for their durability, versatility, and looks. They are also good for privacy, light control, and temperature control depending on your needs. They look sleek and clean when used in a room and this is why they are chosen for both homes and offices alike. But blinds can also gather dust quite easily. This is especially true if they are used in a window that faces the street or an area of high footfall. The blinds will also collect grime, dust, pet hair, and dander over time. They need regular cleaning and maintenance to make sure that they stay looking good as new. So, the question is how to dust blinds quickly.

Removing blinds from the window and giving them a deep clean can be time and energy-consuming work. A weekly or monthly cleaning routine can help you to maintain your blinds without having to resort to one time deep clean. Deep cleaning can be exhausting. If you decide to outsource the job to a professional, it can turn out to cost you a pretty penny.

You might think that there is no one right way to clean the blinds but that is not true. The different types of blinds may need a slightly different type of cleaning. For example, a simple wipe with a microfiber cloth may do the trick for aluminum blinds but may not work for fabric blinds. Keep reading to know more about how to dust blinds quickly and easily.

How to Dust Blinds Quickly

You do not need to individually clean each slat or remove the whole blind from the windows to be able to clean the blind efficiently. You will need some basic tools to help you clean the blinds.

Things You Need to Clean Your Blinds Easily

Go through your cleaning supplies and find the things mentioned below.

  • Baking soda
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Warm water
  • Vacuum cleaner and the soft brush attachment
  • Microfiber cloth


  • Lower your blinds

Before starting with the cleaning procedure, lower the blinds completely if you own wooden or faux-blinds. Vinyl or aluminum blinds must not be closed completely as they tend to overlap. If you close them completely, you may not be able to clean them in the parts that they overlap. Vinyl or aluminum blinds must only be tilted downward instead of being completely closed.

  • Dust your blinds

If your blinds are vertical ones, gently hold the bottom to stabilize it better while cleaning. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the blind down from the top to the bottom. Do not wipe upward as this can cause the blinds to become unhooked. The brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner can do the job but remember to keep the suction at the lowest possible setting. If you own horizontal blinds, follow the above process. Just remember to wipe it side to side from the topmost slat and work your way down. This way, the loose dirt won’t settle on the just cleaned slats.

  • Flip your blinds

When you have cleaned one side completely, you must now flip the blind and repeat the cleaning process.

  • For heavily soiled blinds

Sometimes, there is more than dust accumulated on your blinds. For instance, if you are cleaning a blind in the kitchen, there may be grease or food debris accumulated on the blinds. In such cases, use a clean piece of cloth dampened with clean water to rub the grease and grime out. If you own wooden blinds, make sure that they don’t get too wet. Getting your wooden blinds wet too often can cause them to warp or get damaged over time and reduce their lifetime.

  • Vacuum

Now, raise your blinds and allow them to dry naturally. Use your vacuum cleaner to clean off any excess dust that is gathered during the cleaning process. Also, remember to clean the window sill and the floor for a thoroughly clean look throughout.

  • Deep clean

Deep cleaning is only recommended on vinyl, faux wood, aluminum, and PVC Blinds. Do not do the following on fabric or wood blinds.

If your blinds are too dirty and have too much grease, grime, stubborn dust accumulation, or stains, you have no way to answer how to dust blinds quickly. In such situations, your blinds need a deep clean. If that is the case, you will need to take the blinds off from the windows and let them soak in a bathtub full of water. Fill your bathtub or a large sink with warm water. Add some dishwashing soap and a cup of baking soda. Baking soda is a natural stain remover. Immerse your blinds in the solution and let them soak in it for around an hour. When the hour is up, take them out and rinse them well with warm water. Use a clean piece of cloth to clean any dirt or grime that remains.

If your blinds look dingy or yellow even after that, it may be due to the effects of the sun. But fortunately, it is fixable. Take cold water in your tub. Now, add around three cups of bleach to it. Immerse your blinds in them. But remember to not let the blinds soak in the bleach soak for over ten minutes. Now, remove the blinds and rinse them. Wipe them down and let them dry. Your blinds will now look new and bright with life restored to them.

Dos and Don’ts of Dusting Your Blinds

  • Do regular cleaning of your blinds

Try to include weekly cleaning of the blinds into your list of chores. This will help you avoid the hassle of deep cleaning.

  • Do dust your blinds before routine cleaning

If you plan on cleaning your blinds a particular day, postpone the sweeping, vacuuming, or mopping of the house till after the cleaning of your blinds.

  • Don’t use sticky things near blinds

Hairsprays, air fresheners, and other sticky things used near the blinds can cause the build-up of residue on your blinds. This will be hard to clean without a deep clean of the blinds.

  • Don’t use water to clean the dust

When cleaning the blinds, dust them with a piece of microfiber cloth first and then use water. If you use water to try and clean dusty blinds, you will end up with a mess that is harder to clean.

Following these measures will help you to retain the luster and sheen of your blinds for years to come.