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How To Drill Through A Metal Window Frame Properly

How To Drill Through A Metal Window Frame Properly

Drilling Through Metal Window Frame

In today’s world, there are many people who prefer DIY blind installation rather than calling a professional to complete the task. There are plenty of window design solutions available in the market and you can pick the suitable one that will add value to your space in terms of both aesthetically and functionally. No matter what type of window treatment you select, mounting them is a relatively straightforward process on frames made from wood, composite, or any other soft materials, but harder frames like metal may require additional preparation. There are many homeowners who are likely to choose metal frames as they are lightweight yet durable and cost-effective. But the process of blind installation on metal frames slightly varies from other window frames because every material comes with a different level of hardiness. Metal has a harder surface and requires uniquely designed screws to secure a blind. But before you mount any window blind using screws, it’s necessary to position and create screw holes where you will attach them through brackets. This task may sound a little difficult as metal is extremely sturdy to drill, but with the right kind of drill bit and some additional tools, you can drill the needed holes and fix the brackets to the frame. If you are not sure which drill bit to choose for this or how to do it in an efficient manner, then go through this article!

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What Type of Drill Bit You Should Consider?

Before you consider drilling, you need to check what drill bit should be used on the metal frame. There is a range of bits available and almost any twist bit will do an excellent job of drilling holes in metal. If you are looking for a significant yet reasonable twist bit, then opt for high-speed steel. If you need to make a lot of holes in order to keep the blind in the right place, then choose black oxide or a cobalt steel drill. You can choose a titanium nitride bit as well which is made with a special coating and helps in resisting heat. Whatever your choice is, all of them will drill perfectly on the hard metal surface. Apart from a drill bit and drill machine, you will require a pencil, safety glasses, and machine oil.

Now, check out the below steps to drill through your metal window frame smoothly and properly –

Following the below steps will ensure proper drilling on the metal window frame without putting too much effort. But always check with the manufacturer once to avoid mistakes. ZebraBlinds is not responsible for any damage that happens during the procedure.

  • Step 1: Place brackets at the desired locations of the window frame (usually each end side of the frame) and mark the place using a pencil where the holes will be drilled.
  • Step 2: Proper eye protection when drilling metal frames is a must. So put on the safety glasses (that wrap around the sides of the face) before you jump into the process.
  • Step 3: Choose a bit from the above list and put some machine oil on the main point of the drill bit.
  • Step 4: Now, put gentle pressure on the drill to avoid sliding from the marked location and then switch on the machine to start the process of drilling. Continue putting pressure until the drill bit makes a hole through the surface of the metal frame. If required, put a few more drops of oil on the tip and go on until you get the right hole shape.
  • Step 5: Repeat the same process for the remaining marked holes. And you will be ready to attach the brackets using screws and mount the favorite covering on the metal frame.
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