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How To Dress Your Windows with Smart Shades On a Budget

How To Dress Your Windows with Smart Shades On a Budget

What Are Smart Shades?

Smart shades are window coverings that can be operated remotely. These shades have built-in motors which let you open or close the shades with the help of a remote control or an app on your smartphone. You can also operate the smart shades with your voice through Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Though these shades provide you with so many exciting features, it can sound too costly. Here, will tell you how to cover your windows with smart shades on a budget.

What Are The Features Of Smart Shades?

  • Easy Operation

Unlike manual shades, which you need to open and close by reaching them out, smart shades can be operated from any corner of your home. You can fully control them either by pressing a button on a remote or an app on your smartphone. Also, you can schedule the opening and closing times of the shades at your convenience. Some smart shades also have inbuilt solar sensors which can be operated with the help of solar energy. So, there is no need to change the batteries again and again. Thus, saving time and money.

  • Energy Efficiency

When it comes to energy-saving and cost-cutting, smart window shades are the perfect choice one must have to cover up their windows. You can connect the smart shades with a hub, which will help in minimising energy consumption. They can be scheduled to close during the hottest part of the day so that your HVAC system doesn’t have to consume too much power to cool your room. Also, these shades get open automatically during the sunny day at the time of winters to allow more sunlight to enter in, thus, keeping your room warmer. The shades help in saving extra energy which your HVAC system would use in controlling your room’s temperature.

  • Security

When you plan a long holiday, then a major concern is the safety of your house. With smart shades, you can ensure the safety of your home by scheduling them to open or close to look as if someone is there inside the house, thus, keeping thieves or praying eyes away from your home. This safety feature can help save on costs if potentially thieves are deterred.

How to Dress Your Windows with Smart Shades on A Budget?

Smart shades are more expensive than manual shades. The cost of the shade mostly depends upon the material of the shade and the size of the window. However, there are some smart shades that you can use to cover your windows effectively and that also within in your budget. Some of the most affordable shades are:

Cellular Shades

These are also known as honeycomb shades due to their complex honeycomb-like structure. These shades are well known for their superior insulation. Nowadays their smart version is also available which makes them more efficient and convenient. You can operate these shades either through a mobile app or voice control through google assistance or Alexa. It’s great insulation abilities makes them a great cost-saving choice for the long run.

Blackout Shades

Including smart features in a blackout shade is just like the icing on the top. Blackout shades block the light from entering your room, thus, providing you with undisturbed and peaceful sleep. Apart from this, these shades also block the outside noise to some extent and ensure your privacy and protect your room’s interior and flooring from getting damaged by harmful sun rays. The additional savings gained from blackout smart shades is a major reason to consider them.